How to Easily Loop YouTube Videos

loop youtube videos

Repeat YouTube Sections

I might be behind the eight-ball here, but I’ve just found out about a site called YouRepeat which allows you to loop any section of any YouTube video just by changing the word “tube” in the web address to “repeat”.


Repeat sections of YouTube videos

For example, let’s say I wanted to repeat one section of this tutorial for practice purposes:


All you have to do is change the to and leave everything else the same and hit enter. So the web address would become:

The video will open on the YouRepeat website. Just below the video will be a slider that allows you to select the section of the video you would like to loop – simple!

Another website which does a similar thing is YouTube Loop. I can’t believe I didn’t know these websites existed.

Why Use Them?

Well, a lot of students love to use YouTube piano tutorials and there are thousands of them online. They are great ways to learn pop music quickly. Essentially, students are copying what they see on YouTube.

Once they have learnt the base of the song, encourage your students to mix up the song and put their own twist on it.

While these tutorials are handy resources, it can be hard to keep up with video playback speeds. These websites can allow your students to rewatch sections of piano tutorials on repeat so they can quickly learn fun piano pieces.

Share this with your students and have a play around in lessons to see how it can benefit them.


What do you think? Could this be a cool, handy resource to have up your sleeve? Are there any other ways you like to use YouTube in your piano lessons?

Let me know in the comments section.