Workshop Resources

1. How to Play Maj/Min Chords

My “B-S” Chord Method

2. Common Pop Playing & Progressions

How to teach a pop song on piano

Top 10 Pop Songs for Piano Students << Free download

Teaching Chord Progressions to Beginners – Teaching Video

Easy Chord Progressions to Inspire Creativity [Updated 2018]. Full resource only available in Inner Circle Members area (see details below).

3. Composing with Circle of 5ths

How to Write Your First Chord Progression – blog post

4. Free 1-hour Pop Teaching Webinar

teaching piano pop music

My free online training webinar for teachers new to pop-style/chord/lead sheet playing, where I unpack everything you need to know.

Click here to save your seat.

4. Teaching Pop Piano Training Course

My flagship 8-part video training course for piano teachers all about teaching pop music. Here’s an overview of the modules:

Video 1: Before you Start

This video is answering questions such as why teach pop, where is it’s place, why it’s something we should consider teaching, etc. This video gets YOU thinking of the direction and purpose you want to go with your students when teaching pop piano.

Video 2: Pop Crash Course

In this video, Tim will cover the importance of chords and how it is relevant to students playing pop music. He will give tips to help students understand chords and resources they can use.

Video 3: Finding Music Online

This section of the course gives some helpful tips on how to find the music your students are looking for and how to know if the download is legal.

Video 4: You Want to Play What?!!

This was an especially helpful course. If you haven’t yet, there will probably be a day when your student walks in the door and says they want to play such and such piece. #1 such and such piece is a piece you haven’t heard of so you do a little digging and find out #2 there is no melody or very little of it. What on earth? Believe it or not, in this video Tim finds a piece exactly like that and shows how he can make a piece not only playable but will satisfy the students wants.

Video 5: Rearranging for Dummies

Let’s face it, sometimes the arrangements are simply to hard for some of our students to play. But they want to learn it so bad! Never fear, in this video Tim gives tips and tricks to rearrange the music to help fit your students needs.

Video 6: Best Pop for Piano

In this video, Tim shares resources in finding the right pop pieces that are perfect for playing on the piano. Your students will love you for it!

Video 7: Apps and Tech

Tim shares his favorite apps and tech tools that he loves to use when teaching pop music. He will show exactly how he uses them with students. A couple tools in a teachers toolbox can go a long way!

Video 8: Arranging 101

And if you thought that was it, there is one more video to take advantage of! In this video, Tim gives some basic arranging tips that you can help your students with. Now that they have the chords down, it’s time to do something with that melody!

This course is available as part of The Course Academy inside my Inner Circle (see below).

5. How to Teach 4 Chord Composing

One of the most popular courses I’ve ever created for piano teachers has been my 10-part video course on “4 Chord Composing”. In this course I detail everything you need to teach this to students and you actually get to watch me teach my student, Will at the piano.

To find out more about the background behind this style of teaching and to you help you get started, I’ve released the first 3 lesson plans as a free download on my website.

Click here to access the videos and lesson plans.

Also look out for the free 1-hour training webinar I offer on this topic – there’s a link on the above page 🙂


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