APPC 2017: Modern Teachers’ Toolkit

piano teacher tools and resources


Making Scales Fun, Relevant and to Deepen Understanding

Planning effective lessons: 3 Keys to a Comprehensive Piano Lesson Plan

Think about:

  • Using backing beats/tracks
  • Playing a tonic/dominant vamp and teaching students how to do the same
  • Get kids listening to, and singing, basslines and then trying to play the notes & form a chord progression

My Bass Lines Playlist on YouTube

For scale backing tracks, chording, improv:

4 Chord Composing

I’ll be releasing a full video course about how I teach “4-Chord Composing” in August 2017.

If you’ve accessed these resources, you’ll now be on my email list and I’ll let you know when we launch the course with a webinar in late August.

In the meantime, check out My 10 Week Chord Teaching Demo (click to open):

teaching students chords on piano

Pop Piano Resources – the Complete Guide

For Leadsheets:

  • G Major Music Theory (free easy sheet music downloads)
  • Hymns are a great way for students to understand chordal harmony, lead sheets and sight reading. Here are two resources for free hymn lead sheets that I like: Free Hymn Sheets and Jan Wolters.

Music Mashups

Grab my “Elements and Activities” worksheet and find out how to use it thru this podcast: CPTP081: 3 Steps to the Effective Teaching of any Piano Piece [Worksheet Download]

The Ultimate Guide to LH Patterns

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