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The Big Dreamer

Congratulations, you’re a Big Dreamer Music Teacher! Your passion, excitement, and open mind make you an exceptional newcomer to the world of music teaching. With your big dreams and ambitious goals, you’re off to a fantastic start.

As a rookie teacher, you face some challenges and moments of self-doubt. You may feel like you don’t possess the necessary qualifications to be fully confident in your services. You might feel unsure of your ability and intimidated by the competition. Because of this doubt, you may feel isolated, unsupported, and there’s a fair chance this lack of confidence influences how much you feel comfortable charging.

However, with your dedication and enthusiasm, you have the potential to thrive in your music teaching business and make a positive impact on aspiring musicians. But you’ve got some work to do…

Don’t worry, because TopMusic has you covered. Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other
Big Dreamer Music Teachers overcome their struggles, grow their confidence, and chase their dreams at full speed!

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The Artisan

Congratulations, you’re The Artisan Music Teacher! Your love for music shines through as you pursue teaching as a hobby rather than a primary source of income. With a smaller studio size and genuine dedication to your students, you create a nurturing environment.

However, being a hobbyist also presents certain challenges. As your focus is primarily on the love of music rather than a structured curriculum, you may face difficulties in retaining students in the long run. In addition, setting appropriate rates for your services may be a challenge, as you may undervalue your expertise and time. Administrative tasks and business skills might not be your forte, and you may feel overwhelmed by the lack of a clear teaching plan.

These challenges aside, you have incredible freedom to grow from here. By balancing between your love for music and the business aspects of teaching, you can have a greater impact on your students and increased fulfilment for yourself.

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Artisan Music Teachers refine their teaching methods, overcome admin issues, and enjoy a less stressful studio.

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The Avant-Garde

Congratulations! You’re The Avant-Garde Music Teacher, a maverick in the music teaching world! Your creative, flexible, and fun approach sets you apart, with students loving your energy and enjoying each unpredictable lesson.

However, as an Avant-Garde Music Teacher, there are certain areas that may benefit from your attention. Sometimes, your zest for music leads you to pack too much content into lessons without leaving enough room for revision. While your tendency to go-with-the-flow during lessons shows great adaptability, a lack of structure and core learning objectives can mean that students aren’t building on foundational skills. This diminishes motivation over time, resulting in dwindling student numbers.

By adding some balance in a few areas, there’s no limit to your impact and success!

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Avant-Garde Music Teachers enhance their teaching, combine avant-garde elements with structured learning, and create a dynamic and memorable experience for their students.

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The Prestige Music Teacher

Congratulations! You’re The Prestige Music Teacher, the epitome of high achievement and classical excellence! With your focus on interpretation and performance, you have earned a reputation as a top-tier teacher at the upper levels. Your confident performers, extensive library, and full studio demonstrate your expertise.

However, Prestige Music Teachers may also have room for growth. With a strong focus on high-level performance, your teaching style may not appeal to the majority of students who may be seeking a broader musical experience. Even for your current students, you may be overlooking essential musicianship skills like improvising, playing by ear and understanding chords and lead sheets. Catering to the aspirations and influences of each student may be a challenge.

These challenges aside, you consistently produce confident performers and your talent for developing excellence deserves a standing ovation.

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Prestige Music Teachers to broaden their appeal, teach a wider range of skills, and keep students inspired!

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The Maven Music Teacher

Congratulations! You’re The Maven Music Teacher, the expert and connoisseur of traditional music education! Your love for the classics and deep knowledge of theory make you a repository of musical wisdom. Your expertise in the exam system sets you apart and ensures a thorough understanding of its intricacies. Parents readily understand your teaching approach, as it aligns with the methods they were taught.

However, some of you may feel stuck in a rut. As a Maven Music Teacher, you may find yourself teaching in the way you were taught and teaching the same things over and over, leading to boredom. This fatigue can come from outdated methods, lacking up-to-date knowledge, and ‘linear teaching’ focused mainly on exam preparation.

These challenges aside, you are a highly knowledgeable and dedicated teacher, but maybe you’re yearning for some excitement back in your job? It can be intimidating to hear of other teachers going ‘off-book’, but it doesn’t need to be scary. With a little bravery and a lot of fun, you can step off the treadmill of routine and explore a more diverse musical landscape!

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Maven Music Teachers revitalise their approach, modernise their business, and create a more engaging and contemporary experience for their students.

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The Protean Music Teacher

Congratulations! You’re The Protean Music Teacher, the jack of all trades in the music teaching world! Your versatility and ability to teach multiple instruments make you an appealing choice for many students. Your extensive experience as a performer brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights that you can impart to your students.

However, one challenge you may encounter is clearly defining your target market and differentiating yourself from other music teachers. With your diverse skill set, it can be challenging to communicate a specific teaching focus or specialisation, which makes it harder to attract the right students.

But by understanding your unique strengths and the value you bring as a Protean Music Teacher, you can attract waves of new students that want exactly what you offer.

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Protean Music Teachers define their services, leverage modern tools, and create a thriving teaching practice!

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The Enterprising Music Teacher

Congratulations! You’re the Enterprising Music Teacher, the entrepreneurial force in the music teaching industry! Your goals, vision, and unwavering passion drive you to constantly strive for improvement. In addition to your teaching endeavours, you may also engage in selling products or services online, utilising your entrepreneurial spirit to create additional revenue streams.

However, there are areas where you may encounter difficulties. Selling multiple products and services can be overwhelming, stretching your time and resources thin. Those endless admin tasks keep you busy, leaving little time for rest or self fulfilment. You’re in a constant state of reactivity: covering for missing teachers, dealing with unexpected challenges and your finances keep you awake at night!

These challenges aside, your ability to pivot and adapt in the face of challenges, sets you apart as a survivor in the ever-changing music education business. But if you feel like it’s time to stop surviving and start thriving, there is a more sustainable and fulfilling business waiting for you.

Over the next few days, we’ll email some advice that has helped other Enterprising Music Teachers to optimise their operations, streamline administrative tasks, and bring clarity to their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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