5 Productivity Tools Webinar

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How to Use Google Forms

Thanks so much for being a part of this webinar.

I hope you got tons of great ideas to help build and grow your studio, save time and create streamlined, organised and productive workflows in your business.

As a thank-you for watching through to the end, please find your bonus items below.

Click the links to download your bonuses. 

  1. Your Certificate of Attendance. Great for your professional development records.
  2. Google Apps Cheat Sheet. A quick summary of all the things we've talked about in the webinar today. If you want some reminders about how to setup the apps, grab this download!
  3. Tutorial and Link sheet - Want to find out more about Google and Asana? Want to watch in-depth tutorials about each product? Download this bonus to continue your education.
  4. Google Template Files - In order to edit these and make them your own, you'll need to right click on them and select "Make a Copy". You can then save them to your own drive.  

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