Effective 21st Century Teaching with Paul Harris

- Bonus Downloads -

Thanks so much for being a part of this webinar today.

It's always a pleasure to work with Paul and I know that he loves helping other teachers. 

I hope you got tons of great ideas to help maximise your effectiveness as a teacher and help your students practice more regularly and efficiently.

As a thank-you for watching through to the end, please find your bonus items below.

Click the links to download your bonuses. 

teaching piano effectively
  1. Your Certificate of Attendance. Great for your professional development records.
  2. Simultaneous Learning Map. A 1-page cheat sheet for you and your students to have on the piano during practice and teaching to show the interconnectedness of music and as a spark for creative practice and teaching ideas. 
  3. Practice & Motivation Link Sheet. A 1-page list of my favourite blogs, podcasts, freebies and apps related to getting students practising.