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Transform Your Piano Teaching with Tim Topham and Paul Myatt [Live Event]

By Tim Topham | Creativity

Aug 22 2016

I’m so excited to announce my first live events will be held around Australia in September to November 2016.

The Transform Your Piano Teaching 1-day workshops will be held in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth (Brisbane dates to be announced).

This training is an absolute must for any Aussie teachers who are interested in improving their teaching and music education practice (that’s everyone, right?)

I’ll be teaming-up with to co-founder of Forte Schools of Music: Mr Paul Myatt and we’ll be basing ourselves in Forte’s modern group teaching facilities.

transform your piano teaching

So what’s so special about this training?

This is no ordinary lecture-style training day.

Every teacher will have access to a digital piano so that they can try things out as we go. There will be opportunities for group playing, solo work with headphones, exploring technology and learning from other teachers.

The day is all about practical application of new ideas.

No endless taking notes and hoping to remember things when you get home.

Paul’s session will focus on improvisation in group and individual lessons while Tim will open up his Teaching Toolkit and share all his most practical strategies for engaging your students, many of which he hasn’t shared before on the blog.

piano teacher training day

Piano Teacher’s Hot Seat

There will even be a chance for a couple of teachers to sit in the “hot seat”, a live teaching/business style masterclass where you can ask Tim and Paul any questions you have about business, technology, pop, improv, etc.

Find out what you’ve always wanted to know and get expert opinions on your burning questions.

What will the day look like?

While we’re still putting the finishing touches on the format of the day, here’s what it will look like:

[10:00] – Intro/Warmup
[10:30] – Session 1: Improvisation with Paul, Tim’s Teaching Toolkit
[11:30] – Morning Tea (provided)
[11:45] – Session 2: Improvisation with Paul, Tim’s Teaching Toolkit
[12:45] – Hotseat 1
[1:15] – Lunch (shared)
[2:00] – Building a Musical Vocabulary: Working with Patterns, Rhythms, Singing
[2:45] – Hotseat 2
[3:15] – Summary, Wrap-up, QnA

Sounds great! Where do I get my ticket?

Please remember that places are strictly limited by the number of digital pianos available.

To find out more and reserve your place at this training:

music education webinar online

You’ll get information about how you can get on the “hot seat” when you sign up.

Discounts are available for Inner Circle members (check the forums for your coupon code) and early bird registration is now open for all teachers.

Got any questions?

Please leave a comment below.

Tim Topham

About the Author

Tim Topham is the founder and director of TopMusic. Tim hosts the popular TopCast show, blogs regularly at and speaks at local and international conferences on topics such as pedagogy, business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Tim has been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher Magazine, California Music Teacher and EPTA Piano Professional. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.

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