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  • Inspiring
    by Missbg123 from United States

    TopCast is the podcast I look forward to listening. Tim invites interesting guests who share their ideas and experience on topics that are relevant to piano teachers. I have enjoyed the diversity of speakers and topics and highly recommend this podcast to teachers of all levels.

  • Fun, exciting and a fabulous resource for all piano teachers
    by Eerrtyy from Australia

    I found topcast about three years ago when I was looking for inspiration in my piano teaching. Full of inspirational guests from around the world, Tim offers the piano teacher a one stop shop to explore and connect with leading piano teacher around the world. My mind opened up to the many wondering and innovative teaching ideas, which have made everyday teaching day joyful!

  • Greats snips of info
    by sibbs1979 from Ireland

    As a teacher sometimes it is too exhausting to keep coming up with fresh ideas. ENTER TOPMUSIC PODCASTS Great for inspiring teachers with ideas on how to progress different ideas or even just give you an idea to implement in your studio!

  • Highly recommended for music instructors!
    by texbj from United States

    I have listened to this podcast for several years and have grown so much in my teaching from what I’ve gleaned from this podcast. Highly recommend for music teachers of all levels of experience and genres.

  • Top Podcast!
    by Kathpiano from New Zealand

    I love this podcast. Always really interesting guests and plenty of useful tips to take away and use in my teaching. Particularly love listening to the composers and why they write what they do.

  • Encouragement and creative ideas for piano teachers
    by Lovelyfullauren from United Kingdom

    In such a solitary profession, it’s so wonderful to hear interviews and ideas from other piano teachers around the world! Tim is great at covering topics which are so relevant to me as a private piano teacher.

  • Top Music with Tim Topham Podcasts
    by moorepa from Canada

    I can highly recommend any podcasts given by Top Music with Tim Topham. They are always very informative and the people he interviews are great.

  • Best Podcast I’ve ever listened to
    by zoevrachnas from Australia

    Where to start with reviewing Tim’s podcast...! This is a jam packed, super engaging and incredibly helpful podcast for music teachers. I’m new teacher (violin) and I have been bingeing the podcast for the last few months. Each week Tim interviews someone completely different from the last and the common denominator is a love of music education. Oh wow I could go on for days about the poddy! Thank you Tim and the team. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Susan Bressette Measuring Success in Smiles
    by kiteens from United States

    Thank you, Susan! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world of teachers could embrace all the struggling learners of the world with your enthusiasm. I am a music teacher in a school for over 100 children with severe developmental disabilities. I have degrees in Speech therapy, MA Ed. Special Education, and am Suzuki trained, and have been teaching music lessons for over 40 years. I have taught children with cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, TBI, Downs Syndrome, autism and multiple disabilities. I learned more from your podcast today than I have from many others. Thank you for your inspiration and hard work. Your work will carry on through all teachers who have the blessing of hearing you speak. All the best to you and your family. Kit Bednar, from (site incomplete as of 9/14/20)

  • Gave me a much needed refresh
    by rachelmariacox from Australia

    I recently have been binge-listening to this podcast after discovering it online, feeling very close to burnout and looking for ways to renew my passion. Tim has absolutely changed the way I view my business and my teaching and I have so many creative ideas to implement, leaving me inspired and ready for the new year! Perfect not just for piano teachers but all musicians (I teach piano and voice and manage a studio). Thank you Tim for all the amazing content - you have gained a listener for life!

  • Mindblown!
    by ManassasVA from United States

    I look forward to receiving Tim’s email alerts about upcoming podcasts. I’ve learned so much, been inspired to reach higher goals and motivated to continue learning and growing as a music teacher. This particular podcast was a paradigm shifter for me!

  • Love this podcast!
    by Jim88bo from United States

    I love all the interviews and interesting topics covered by Tim Topham. This podcast is great because of the variety of topics all related to music teaching and not of them can be applied to many instrument studios, not just there piano. I love the insight and inspiration I receive! Top notch podcast! An “A+” for sure!!

  • Amazing and Inspiring Podcasts!
    by 2011370Z from United States

    I'm not even a piano teacher but just a person that really likes to play the piano. These podcasts are so informative, inspiring and motivating. I am constantly learning new "stuff" and can't wait for the new weekly podcast. Who knows - when I retire as a CPA I may become an instructor. I really enjoyed episode 151: Motivating Music Theory with Glory St. Germain. She sparked something in me when she made the suggestion of facilitating music theory group lessons. I'll definately me mulling on that idea. Great Job, Tim! Thank you for creating and producing this amazing product. I liked the podcasts so much I did join the Inner Circle and have no regrets other than not enough time to devote to the courses and videos!

  • Tim Topham podcasts
    by maryjaneas from Australia

    I have just about listened to all 155 podcasts by Tim Topham. I am continually inspired by each episode with something to energise my teaching. The podcasts are very clear and engaging and the questions Tim asks his guests always lead to an informative discussion. This is my favourite piano teaching podcast.

  • Preparing Students for their Future with Susan de Weger
    by diwieland from United States

    GREAT podcast to reflect on how I can teach my students in THEIR best interests, not simply to teach the way I was taught. Wonderful ideas on how to motivate students to want to keep playing, and I loved the ideas on how to help parents form a good practice routine for their students. It's always good to hear on podcasts, what has worked well and not so well for the people presenting. I learn so much from hearing your stories!

  • Develop and enhance your teaching!
    by katie_dnls from United States

    This podcast has been invaluable to me and my teaching. Much gratitude to Tim and all his guests who come on and share their knowledge and experiences in music,and the piano. I am excited about the teaching journey I am on! And also for how much more I can offer my students now because of this podcast and all the creative people/places it points me to.

  • YOU get an idea, and YOU get an idea!
    by Flower Heart Joy from United States

    This is a fantastic podcast. Literally, there are ideas for every kind of piano teacher with every kind of background and there are valuable take-aways from every episode! Tim and his guests are engaging and motivating. Definitely recommend!

  • Love Tim Topham!
    by pert2u from United States

    Thanks Tim Topham for giving me great ideas and strategies for implementing the ideas! I also love the Inner Circle. Thanks for bringing the guests in the show!

  • Great podcast
    by kwpianogirl from United States

    Love this podcast. It has so many great people on that has given me new insight to teaching. I like trying out some of the methods with my students to be more creative at lessons. Thanks Tim for starting this podcast.

  • So very helpful!
    by Momof3grads from United States

    Thank you, Tim, for your podcasts! I get so much out of each one! I listened to the Paul Harris one again on Simultaneous Learning. It is inspiring. I like the tip about teaching scales with notation. New way of thinking about it.

  • Not just for piano teachers
    by muslebard from Australia

    I actually run a guitar school (though I'm preparing to offer other instruments as well) but I've found loads of inspiring and useful info in each episode. Love your work Tim!

  • Invaluable info!!
    by clarasmusicstudio from United States

    I can’t say enough positive comments about this podcast! It is a treasure trove of tips, tricks and practical info for teachers and students. Thank you Tim for this resource!!!

  • So good (always).
    by LittleDanaLu from United States

    Without fail, I always get some sweet new boost of confidence, inspiration and/or creativity as a piano teacher and business owner from listening to Tim's podcast and interviews. I feel like I struck gold when I found this podcast.

  • Super awesome podcast
    by Turtle nip from United States

    I love the Creative Piano Teacher podcast. Tim is super engaging and always discusses cutting edge ideas and I also love his Aussie accent. He hosts some really great guests which always sparks some new ideas for teaching Piano lessons.

  • Teaching Advice
    by BMR Reviews from Canada

    Thanks for a great podcast! Your topics are practical and insightful!

  • Piano pedagogy Gold Mine!
    by Mommyamyf from United States

    This is the #1 resource for piano teachers worldwide. I’ve learned more in a few months from listening to these podcasts than the whole 4 years I spent as a music major in college. There is a wealth of information, ideas, resources, support, motivation, and encouragement for teachers. I already feel I’m twice the teacher I ever was before (and that’s after 20 plus years of teaching) from listening to this podcast. The future of piano lessons and creative piano teachers is in good hands if teachers listen to this podcast. Tim you are phenomenal, thank you for what you are doing. I wake up everyday now absolutely ecstatic that I’m a piano teacher.

  • Great Information
    by Mr Kidzrock from United States

    Lots of great information. Both musical and business. Tim is a true leader in the music education industry. Looking forward to listening to all these episodes.

  • Interview with Phillip Keveren
    by moorepa from Canada

    I just listened to Tim Topham’s podcast with Phillip Keveren and I loved it. I love his music. The harmonies he uses are delightful.

  • Interview with Paula Melville Clark
    by Peta K from Australia

    Such a great interview and fantastic to be able to watch the teaching excerpts! Thank you Paula and Tim

  • Fabulous support for studio teachers
    by Nean261 from Australia

    Time covers such a wide range of topics that teachers of all ages and backgrounds can be up to date with current pedagogy approaches and can manage professional development in their own time and in the comfort of the home environment. Keep up the good work, Tim. This is a great service. Thank you. 🙂

  • Cannot recommend highly enough
    by Amanda McMullen from United States

    You guys, I seriously CANNOT rave about Tim Topham enough. I am a voice teacher, but have recently started teaching beginner piano lessons as well. I honestly had no idea where to begin with teaching piano, but Tim Topham's podcast and Inner Circle membership have completely set me up and gotten me off on the right foot. Because of his amazing tips, advice, resources, and online lesson plans I feel 100% more confident, prepared, and excited about teaching piano. Not only that, but his ideas have inspired ME to be a more creative musician. I think every piano teacher needs to know about this amazing person and his work! Thank you, Tim, for your hard work and dedication that is making the lives of so many music educators more exciting, fulfilling, and creative!

  • Great ideas!
    by LisaKIernan from Canada

    I am catching up on past episodes and love to listen in my car while I am driving. Gaining loads of insight into my own teaching practices and coming away with lots of ideas to think about and implement in my studio. The range of topics and guests is wonderful and I have several episodes that I have listened to more than once.

  • Informative, Creative and inspiring!
    by Megan's Music Studio from Canada

    These podcasts are amazing! I love all the interviews and it is wonderful that Tim interviews people from all over the world. I teach piano and theory in Canada and am loving the way Tim thinks outside the box. We are so geared to examinations in Canada and it is refreshing to be exposed to alternative ideas and options, so that our students will go on to play music when we are no longer their teacher. I would recommend these podcasts to parents, teachers and students alike. There is something for everyone.

  • Tim is a value machine.
    by eRinehart93 from United States

    I have been following Tim's work as a piano teacher myself for about a year all in free content through this podcast and his blog and YouTube. He really delivers. Imagine the value that you get in this free content; in his inner circle he leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. He does everything for his inner circle. That translates into a successful business, loyalty. and his customer base loves him. I highly recommend Tim, the sweet hearted guy we all love with the funny accent!

  • Fab podcast as ever
    by Juniper2 from United Kingdom

    Really useful podcast and perfectly timed as I am about to start .....Both Tim and Nicola are great and have made such a difference to the piano world. Thank you!!

  • Carol Matt
    by She'll.lady from United States

    Great interview. I always learn! I am using her interactive method for a student in level 2A. She loves doing the online theory and having only one book to bring with her iPad! It was good to hear her explain the method! Thanks

  • Fabulous content
    by BrizzieBeck from United States

    I'm just starting to build my studio after moonlighting for the last 18 years while I've been raising a family. This has been the best resource for me to get up and running. I have really enjoyed using the information on the 3 students I currently teach and looking forward to what I might be able to do with more students as I acquire them. I'm feeling much more comfortable and confident with what I have to offer after listening to several of your podcasts. Thank you!!

  • Best Piano Podcast
    by Maskm from Australia

    Tim has an obvious and infectious love for piano teaching. He interviews a variety of teachers in a down-to-earth and engaging style. I never fail to find something practical I can use in my studio.

  • My own weekly workshop
    by Lollyjane from United States

    As a rural teacher with a small studio and not much budget for attending national piano conventions, discovering Tim Topham's Creative Piano Teaching Podcasts gives me a wealth of resources weekly at my fingertips! While working around the house I can listen to interviews with nationally renowned piano teachers and receive advice and new inspiration for my teaching. I love the great topics and the amazing guests -- as well as Tim's practical and creative insight of course. I'm not normally a podcast person and I was getting overwhelmed reading too many blogs, but I find that Tim's podcasts are relevant and well worth the time it takes to listen.

  • Really useful podcast
    by Tovka365 from United Kingdom

    The podcast on Using Orff to teach rhythm using Orff contained lots of really useful suggestions for instilling a sense of pulse and rhythm with practical demonstrations. Thanks so much Tim and Vashti!

  • Brilliant - always informative
    by R2sk from United Kingdom

    Love this podcast - listen to it on my daily walks and always come back brimming with ideas.

  • Piano Safari
    by Jacinta G from Australia

    What a great insight into this new method. Julie and Katherine have so many great ideas for new beginners - technique, rote learning, sightreading - all in one place, with great resources. Thanks Tim for the podcast!

  • Julie
    by Jules Marguerite from New Zealand

    Just like every podcast so far, this one was brilliant! Every single time I listen I think YES - I CAN DO THIS! I love the fact that relatively new teachers can rub shoulders with world experts through Tim's Inner Circle and we all benefit hugely from the generously shared information. This is a melting pot of the practises of awe inspiring teachers and knowledge sharers. Thanks so much Tim.

  • What’s Not to Love?
    by yayasruru from United States

    I listen to every episode numerous times. Tim is a great interviewer. He selects fascinating guests and asks great questions. Never a dull moment, always something new and engaging. Loved the recent Lyndell Kennedy Interview!

  • Favorite podcast
    by Jennsmith222 from United States

    I have been teaching piano lessons for over 10 years and I'm so glad to have found this podcast. So much useful information. Very well produced and a great variety of topics. I listen in my car and very often utilize the links on the show notes page. I really appreciate the time and hard work that must go into them.

  • Extremely helpful!
    by bass blogger from United States

    I get a lot of great teaching ideas from Tim's podcast. Even though I'm a bass player and not a pianist, I learn a lot of strategies for my own teaching studio. Highly recommended!

  • Practically Perfect Piano Podcast
    by Isaiah Theox from United States

    Tim Topham TV is a great podcast for piano teachers, and pianists in general. I am still a piano student (but I am also teaching as well), but the ideas and music knowledge in general that you can learn from this podcast is astounding. I love listening to every episode, never have I been bored or annoyed, the interview questions are relavant and the ideas presented are simple and often easy. My one complaint is that I wish some episodes were longer! Thank you so much for the podcasts Tim, and I would recommend this podcast to any piano teacher interested in having more fun in teaching (and learning) about piano.

  • Wouldn't Miss It!
    by Green Point Piano Studio from Australia

    Tim and his podcasts are a wealth of information and inspiration. I have been watching Tim's interviews or listening to them for quite a while now and have used many of the ideas introduced by Tim and his guests in my own teaching. In particular I have used the information gained from the podcasts to teach students with ADHD and Asperger more successfully, have introduced improvisation, composition and technology into lessons to keep students keen and I have even been inspired to take another look at studying for the ATMusA. There is also great information in regards to running your business and being profitable. I would highly recommend listening to Tim Topham.

  • Every episode is a GEM!
    by Fagan Piano Studio from United States

    I've been working my way through these while driving this summer. Such a wonderful variety of topics, and Tim is such fun to listen to! I have learned so much ... found so many ideas to steal ... and feel like I've made many new friends in this industry. We are truly blessed to live in this time of such open-hearted sharing! I'm looking foward to many more great episodes.

  • Required Listening
    by Hkfuui from Australia

    Thanks Tim for opening up the possibilities for new ways of teaching piano. Every episode has given me something to either implement in my teaching or to ponder and reflect on what I am currently doing. I’ve been using Vashti’s bouncing on the beat a lot lately. I’ve rarely seen students so focussed on the beat in my 30 years of teaching. Great to have access to the minds of excellent piano teachers. Can’t thank you enough!

  • Fantastic resource!
    by TMoonman from Australia

    An invaluable resource for piano teachers! Great range of topics and guests covered.

  • Excellent !
    by Piano BLJ from Australia

    Attention all music teachers, this is a must listen resource! Save yourself time trawling through the interwebs and go straight here for info that is creative and on trend.

  • Good for a million reasons!
    by 2[$r%$@, from United States

    I just listened to your podcast with Lynnette Barney and it was fantastic. So good for a million reasons. Professional, engaging, relevant, all while maintaining a lighthearted approach. Just awesome. Thanks for all you do Tim! I hope everyone checks out your podcasts!

  • Fantastic insight
    by carlyjopo from United States

    I LOVE listening to these podcasts and applying new techniques and ideas to my studio. Everytime I listen I just feel so inspired to change things and become a better listener and teacher. Tim has excellent interviews but his personal insight is also what motivates me. Thank you for taking the time to create this material! I have 50 students and it is def. changing how I teach them.

  • Amazing Piano Teacher Info
    by Dlroehl from United States

    Tim does an amazing job keeping piano teachers up to date on the newest and most innovative teaching techniques/ ideas available! What a great way to keep my studio growing in the right direction! Thank you!

  • A Goldmine!
    by netvet from Australia

    These podcasts are invariably of excellent quality, are informative and inspirational. Tim has great guests and leads very insightful and thought-provoking discussions. I love Tim’s enthusiasm for music and teaching and his creative approaches in fostering a love of music in all students.

  • Informative, entertaining, Interesting and Honest
    by Susan Head from Australia

    Well balanced and succinct questions from Tim elicit excellent useful responses from people experienced in this diverse field of piano teaching. New ideas to try and confirmation of old - throwing out some of the old ideas as new research reveals current thinking is different. Frank and honest discussions confirm we can all learn from each other and keep on learning and evolving - So many different ways of cooking the subject revealed here - Thanks Tim!

  • Great podcasts
    by Nathaniel Jazzman from Australia

    Hi Tim, Thanks for all the effort that goes into these podcasts - what a valuable resource for teachers. I've been particularly impressed by the way that you interact with your guests and have a great knowledge of what their focus is. Keep the podcasts coming!

  • Very informative!
    by Bee Music Studios from Canada

    Your podcasts are great! I'm a piano teacher in Canada, and I must say that every teacher, parent and advanced student should listen to them. I can't thank you enough! I have learned so much! Susan McAllister-Bee, Canada.

  • What to say to parents when their child is about to quit with Anita Collins
    by JJ551 from Australia

    A fascinating interview with so much information about brain development and how music and learning music enhances the brain. Thank you!

  • Catching Up on a Great Resource
    by Pink polka-dot from United States

    I was just introduced to Tim Topham's website a couple of months ago. Now that I found his podcasts I am hooked. Forget about binge watching shows on Netflix. I'm binge listening to all these amazing interviews with wonderful teachers to improve my own studio. Thanks for making these available for FREE, Tim! They are giving my ideas & courage to improve my studio & my teaching methods. I can't recommend them enough!

  • Wonderful Podcasts!
    by DianaT. from United States

    I’m learning so much through these wonderful podcasts. They're definitely among the best online resources currently available for piano teachers. Tim has an engaging personality and does excellent interviews with his guests. Thanks Tim!

  • Very Helpful
    by The Gragg from United States

    As a student who is terrified to play before an audience, I found the podcast very helpful

  • Possibly the best piano teacher blogger today
    by 1-2/3:4;5(6)7£8&9@0 from United Kingdom

    Really helpful podcasts on a large range of aspects of piano pedagogy.

  • Technology
    by Piano sailor from United States

    I try to keep up with technology, however, it stays way ahead of my time for learning. This podcast really helped me to narrow down my time commitment by sending me to the most useful tools available. Thanks for sharing Tim

  • Ms
    by Lynda Noble from United States

    I am so happy that I found your podcast, Tim. You have been such a great inspiration, and in only one week of listening to a handful of podcasts. I so appreciate your spontaneity, quality of guests and topics. The technology podcast with Becky about Piano Maestro has lit up the faces of about 50 of my students this week…. an absolutely stellar teaching week for me, to be able to connect with young people on music and gaming. Can’t thank you enough! I have an excellent suggestion for a guest for you to interview. Should I mention it here or in private?

  • Piano Teacher
    by 42Kisses from United States

    Your timing couldn't be more perfect! I'm holding class recitals next week and unveiling Piano Maestro to my parents along with involving the parents in easy improvisation games with their children. Hoping to spread a new excitement and energy throughout my studio. Thanks for the HUGE amounts of creativity you continue to share with us!

  • Very Inspiring
    by Derza OB from Australia

    Thanks so much for sharing all your research Tim. I really love listening to your podcasts. I also love reading your blog but the efficiency of the podcast can never be underestimated! It’s the accompaniment to my dishwashing and housecleaning, I always come away from such a mundane task feeling incredibly inspired! It’s a great way to feel connected and collegial in an isolating profession and given me lots of fuel for better teaching practices, resource ideas, and lots of helpful tips and tricks. My greatest fear is that you will stop podcasting….Keep it coming! (no pressure) Thanks heaps.

    by LeZorg from United States

    If you can’t make it to a Piano Pedagogy conference because it’s too expensive, too far away and you have too many students to take the time off? It’s ok! This is where you can come to get the best info from great sources. Subscribe. Take notes. Start adding these “lessons” to your lessons and you will be transformed! Enjoy! Thanks So much Tim for a FANTABULASTIC resource!

  • Excellent!!
    by Note-Orious from United Kingdom

    Really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Very informative and could tell that all the resources recommended were tried and tested by this very knowledgable music educator. Thank you!

  • Spannende Interviewpartner - Relevate Themen
    by M. Kreischer (Tromsø) from Germany

    Ich höre Tims Podcasts seit der ersten Folge und habe seit dem nie eine ausgelassen. Die Podcasts sind immer äusserst interessant, weil Tim wirklich kompetente Interviewpartner findet deren Wissen definitiv relevant ist. Tim kommt aus der Praxis und hat deshalb immer konkreten Bezug zur realen Unterrichtssituation. Prädikat: Sehr wertvoll. Weiter so!! I am listening to Tims Podcasts ever since its first episode. Never missed one! The podcasts are always very interesting because Tim invites really kompetent conversational partners owning definitive relevant knowledge. Tim has a piano studio teacher background which gives him a specific connection to the real world teaching situation. Rating: very valuable. Keep on like this!! Jeg hører på Tims podcast siden den første episoden og jeg har hørt på alle! Podcastene er alltid veldig spennende fordi Tim snakker med virkelig kompetente fagfolk som kan vise til definitiv relevant kunnskap. Tim underviser piano på kulturskole nivå og har dermed god kobling tilden reale undervisningssituasjonen. Rating: Veldig verdifull. Fortsett på den måten!!

  • Informative and fun
    by yueus from United States

    I've been looking for piano teaching podcasts, and this is great! Informative, good topics, enjoyable listening.

  • Truly a wealth of knowledge!
    by Wesee135sites from United States

    I have listened to every episode and am so amazed by the amount of valuable and usable information. Way to jump out in front in the podcast world regarding piano lessons! What a fabulous resource for teachers! The guests are obviously highly skilled and very articulate. Thank you so much!

  • Inspiring
    by Supermangino from United States

    This is a wonderful podcast for any and all music educators. I could go on and on but you should stop reading this and start listening!! Enjoy.

  • Best piano teaching podcast out there!
    by AJ in the Twin Cities from United States

    Tim offers the most innovative, creative interviews and cutting-edge information in the piano teaching scene on his podcast. He strives to give teachers a sense of community in an occupation that is often filled with solitude. I listen to each new podcast and once I’m done listening, I listen AGAIN! Worth a double take! Thanks, Tim, for all you do for this community. Your passion for teaching funnels through all of us to a multitude of students. Bravo!!!

  • timtopham
    by biking 60 from United States

    Time well spent listening to Tim's Poadcast. Great way to use my bike riding time to the fullest. ThanksTim!

  • A Great Resource
    by P Myatt from Australia

    Thanks Tim, I found some great information useful to our network. As Director of Forte School of Music, with over 4,000 students in Australia, NZ & the UK, we are always looking for new ways of engaging our teachers and students. It’s great to hear someone speak so passionately about teaching. I especially love offering children the opportunity to have exposure to “pop” music something Tim totally agrees with as well.

  • So helpful in my teaching!
    by Juudbug from United States

    I have subscribed to Tim's emails for a long time, but only recently got into listening into podcasts. I listened to the first one, and was hooked. I listen while I'm out running, and it's the best use of time! I always return with so many ideas. Our teaching styles match up beautifully, and I've learned so much by listening to these podcasts, as well as the website. I agree completely that we should always be learning an evolving as a teacher, and Tim's helping me do that. I also just purchased access to Piano Flix on Tim's website, and I'm so motivated right now. Wonderful, and I recommend to all piano teachers.

  • Inspiring & fun podcast for teachers
    by Carlooney1 from United States

    I highly recommend this podcast and all of Tim’s articles. I have fallen into piano teaching and take pains to keep learning new things and ways to inspire my students and keep them interested. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast, esp. while commuting. I also really appreciate the links in the show notes. Please, keep them coming!

  • GREAT podcast!
    by amycomp from United States

    Tim's podcast is extremely informative and up to date. It's important to find information and ideas that are relevant to piano teachers TODAY, and if that's what you want, this is the podcast you're looking for!

  • Simultaneous Learning is inspired teaching!
    by Kathanmusic from United States

    The podcast with Paul Harris and Simultaneous Learning was relevant, engaging, and inspiring. I have spent this summer researching pedagogy and programs for a method that will engage and better connect with my students than the standard "Play it for me and then I will correct you" way of teaching that feels, as Paul Harris said, "Negative" and overall not highly effective in making musical connections and life long musicians. Thank you Tim for bringing Simultaneous Learning to my attention. I believe it will completely change my studio!

  • Excellent Resource
    by Hoagy77 from United Kingdom

    Packed with great ideas! Excellent Guests! Relevant to all instrumental tutors. Couldn't stop listening!

  • Great to listen to
    by vaepiano from United States

    I don't listen to podcasts, but have this one worth my time. It's interesting, full of great information I can use in my teaching and very practical. I always look forward for a new episode!

  • Interview with Paul Harris on Simultaneous Learning
    by musfram from Australia

    Insightful interview providing a wealth of information and support for piano teachers. Tim’s interview style is fresh and welcoming. Paul’s discussion about Simultaneous Learning encourages us to reflect on our current teaching practice and inspires us to continue to refine and improve our techniques. Thank you for the opportunity to engage with a leading music educator.

  • Great resource
    by Helen Eager from Australia

    Thanks for your podcasts Tim! I love your focus on a more wholesome and creative way of teaching piano: one that gets away from a purely exam centred approach and fosters learning lots of repertoire, improvisation and gaining a practical understanding of harmony et al. The episode on simultaneous learning with Paul Harris was particularly thought-provoking and inspires me to try out new ideas.

  • Time well spent.
    by HayleyJayPiano from Australia

    I finally listened to one of your podcasts on my way to work. I think it was the first one, about composition, with Daniel McFarlane. I loved it and I can't wait to head in and use some of the tips in my lessons today! I also just drove from Berwick to Glenroy and now I feel like sitting on the Monash for over an hour was time well-spent. Thank you for making the podcast and I can't wait to listen to the rest.

  • Thumbs up
    by hemingwaysbeard from United States

    I'm a musician who'd like to start giving lessons. So glad resources like this podcast are out there to help!

  • Tactics for Teaching piano students with ASD and ADHD
    by Josmusic from Australia

    Loved this podcast! Thembi has such a lovely relaxed style and clearly a great deal of experience in working with children with ASD and ADHD. I found it extremely informative and full of helpful suggestions!! Thank you both for making this available.

  • A plethora of great topics
    by BluedevilJG from United States

    This is a wonderful resource for piano teachers, the topics covered are varied and the guests are great!

  • A wealth of information for music teachers!
    by Nicky Ji from Ireland

    The episodes always have a fantastic practical and inspiring info for piano teachers. Highly recommended!

  • Amazing Resource for Teachers and Musicians
    by colinpthomson from United States

    This podcast is an amazing wealth of resources for music teachers and music students. Whether you are looking to improve your teaching, or your playing, you will find useful advice, tips and tricks, in this podcast. I always look forward to each new episode, and I know I’ll be able to find useful bits in each of them. Subscribe! You’ll be glad you did.

  • Inspirational
    by musikated from United Kingdom

    Thanks for these great podcasts, which are, as always, so helpful. Keep them coming!

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