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TC244: Supporting your local community with Mike Grande
We’ve got a return guest today, Mike Grande, who actually came on the show about a year ago right at[...]
TC243: Quick bites: Unpacking Evolution innovations with Tim Topham
Are you one of those teachers who want to expand their business while not trading time for money anymore? You[...]
TC242: Understanding Dyslexia: How teaching language relates to teaching music with Becki Laurent
Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the USA have dyslexia? So, if you've got 20 students, the[...]
TC241: YouTube Masterclass with Carlos Pacheco
Have you ever wondered whether YouTube could be a powerful marketing channel for your studio or business? If you are[...]
TC240: Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming a Great Piano Teacher with Emily Laney
Join guest host Sarah Buckley and guest Emily Laney today for a chat today which includes stories and real examples[...]
TC239: Hiding Your Musical Veggies with Composer Karen Marshall
In this episode, Karen Marshall shares her story of returning to studying and teaching music after succeeding in a career[...]
TC238: Member Spotlight: Roslyn Walters on Creative Composition
In this episode, I’m bringing on one of our TopMusicPro members, Roslyn Walters, to talk about how she is using[...]
TC237: Solving Makeup Lessons Once and for All with Laura and Dave from LessonMate
Have you ever been frustrated about makeup lessons? There are a variety of ways teachers handle makeup lessons from not[...]
TC236: Using an App to Augment Your Students’ Learning with Dan Harvey
Have you ever dreamt of having your own app that can help with your own teaching and relationship deepening with[...]
TC235: “What’s your secret project?” with Angela Myles Beeching
Have you ever wondered if you’re fulfilling your true life’s purpose? Or are you one of those who have been[...]

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