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The TopCast - The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

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The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify.

TC218: Emotive Repertoire for Teens and Adults from Movies & New Age
In this episode, find 20+ emotive teen piano repertoire picks that appeal to older or adult students, complete with play-through[...]
TC217: Penelope Roskell’s Top Tips for a Healthy Technique
Learn about success tips for teaching a beautifully healthy technique for all students. Today, we've invited the UK's foremost specialist[...]
TC216: Teaching Gamified Sight Reading with Percussionist Nathan Petitpas
In today's episode, we unpack Nathan Petitpas' sight-reading resource called Dots and Beams. Nathan is a percussionist, drummer, composer and[...]
TC215: Research-backed insights on piano student retention with Karen Gerelus
Research-backed insights on piano student retention with Karen Gerelus 100 students will start piano lessons this year and 98 will[...]
TC214: The 5 Myths of Improvisation with Bradley Sowash
This episode on improvisation myths features guest Bradley Sowash. It originally aired in 2017. If called on to improvise on[...]
TC213: Becoming the CEO Teacher with Kayse Morris
Changing your mindset can increase your teaching income tenfold. This is the story that Kayse Morris of the CEO Teacher[...]
TC212: Is Tonaly the Ultimate App for Chord Progressions?
With Tonaly app, our latest favourite theory/composition tool, we found a better way to teach and have fun using chord[...]
TC211: The 3-step strategy to successful 30 minute piano lessons with Julie Duda
Learn how to plan 30 minute piano lessons that are excellent but also seriously fun! Give your students the inspiration[...]
TC210: Daniel Patterson on why studio marketing matters at any stage
In this episode, you’ll learn how studio marketing tips can help your studio quality at any stage, even if your[...]
TC209: Christopher Oill teaches Tim composing *LIVE*
In this episode, you'll learn a functional framework on how to teach composing with your students, including a free printable[...]

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