The Real Reason Teens Are Quitting Your Studio – Part 3: Technology

quitting your studio

Teens and Technology

The last in my 3-part series about motivating teenage piano students has just gone live at Jennifer Foxx’s great piano teaching blog: FPS Resources.

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This week, in the final part of the series, we’ll discuss how keeping up with technology can help you motivate and retain teenagers in your studio.

Here’s a taster:

If you’re trying to get students to choose between 30 mins of Bach practice hands separately with a metronome and 30 minutes on their Xbox, you’re going to lose every time!

But what if they got to learn their favourite pop songs by playing along to the full band and vocals on their iPad for 30 minutes? Or if they got to practice their jazz improv by playing along with a bass and drums? How much more engaged could they be?

For more, you can read the original article here.