TC285: Lead Sheets in Lesson 1 – Hesitant to Hero Challenge Day 2

Day two of our Hesitant to Hero Challenge is called Lead Sheets in Lesson 1. It’s all about how you, as a teacher, can teach students about harmony and base some really simple ideas right from when they’re first starting to read their right-hand pieces. You’ll see and hear how the process of teaching this takes place and some examples of how it can be done.

  • Ideas you need to share with your students in the beginning.
  • Making your method book into lead sheets.
  • The process of teaching harmony to your students.
  • Examples of how to play chords and melodies.
  • Discussing today’s homework.
  • Q&As and tips.
  • Sample homeworks.
Lead Sheets in Lesson 1 - Hesitant to Hero Challenge Day 2

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