TC277: Our Top 10 Courses Inside the TopMusicPro Academy

Achieving ongoing success as a music teacher is all about having the right tools at your disposal. TopMusicPro offers you access to courses, workshops, lesson plans, and resources so you can provide your students with the very best in music education. To help you find the most valuable courses for your teaching needs, I’ve listed down our top 10 courses inside the TopMusicPro Academy that will help you become a better teacher today.

Top 10 Courses inside TopMusicPro

  1. No Book Beginners
  2. Taking the Lead with Forrest Kinney
  3. Teaching Students with Special Needs
  4. Teaching Teens and Transfer Students
  5. Technique Foundations and Transformations 
  6. Build your Music Studio Website
  7. Growing a Group Teaching Studio
  8. Make More, Teach Less with Pairs, Buddies and Labs
  9. Orff-Schulwerk & Whole Body Learning
  10. Teaching Guitar Scales

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