TC270: Tim Gets a Piano Lesson on Chopin and Scarlatti from Fred Karpoff


Fred Karpoff and I have known each other for years. And I’ve always wanted to explore having him teach me because he has some different approaches to what I was taught in regard to technique, rotation, and thumb under. And today, we’re going to finally make that happen! In this episode, you’re going to hear me go through a piano lesson on Chopin and Scarlatti with Fred. He will share his observations, tips, and techniques, as I play through the advanced pieces and share the challenges I’m having with it.

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TopCast 270 - Tim Gets a Piano Lesson on Chopin and Scarlatti from Fred Karpoff

Winner of the MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award, USIA Artistic Ambassador, and international Steinway Artist, Fred Karpoff guides pianists and teachers to achieve effortless three-dimensional piano technique as the artistic producer of Entrada Piano.

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