TC268: Can PracticeSpace Motivate Your Students to Practice? with Robert Miller and Chris Mallett

Do you find yourself dealing with the perennial problem of students not practising? In this episode, music teachers and business owners, Christopher Mallett and Robert Miller, will share one gamification app that can help get your students to practice more effectively and more often. Using decades worth of teaching experience, the duo designed and founded the Practice Space app with both the teachers and students in mind. Christopher and Robert share the story behind why they built the app and give us a demo of how the app works. In addition, they tell us how it can help skyrocket your students’ interest in practising and learning through a rewards and leaderboards-based system.

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  • The interesting story of how Practice Space app was built.
  • How to effectively improve the practice habits of your students with Practice Space App.
  • Stand out characteristics of the Practice Space app.
  • See and hear the overview of how the app works from the teacher’s and student’s perspective.
  • Using gems, gifts, challenges, streaks on the app to motivate your students to practice more.
  • Tips on how Practice Space app can be used for missed lessons.

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Today’s Guest

As music teachers and business owners, Christopher Mallett and Robert Miller have spent their careers focused on one simple mission, to help music teachers get their students to practice more effectively and more often. With decades of teaching experience, they are always looking for ways to motivate students to practice. And in 2020, they founded the music app Practice Space.

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