TC238: Member Spotlight: Roslyn Walters on Creative Composition

TopCast 238 - Member Spotlight: Roslyn Walters on Creative Composition

In this episode, I’m bringing on one of our TopMusicPro members, Roslyn Walters, to talk about how she is using ideas, lessons and strategies from TopMusicPro in her own teaching. We specifically focus on how she ingeniously integrated our Creativity Kickstarter lessons to teach and explore creative composition and improvisation to her students.

Roslyn has been teaching music for over 20 years. Her passion is to teach and encourage people of all ages to develop their musical skills and to help them believe that they can do it.

I’m even more excited that Roslyn has actually been kind enough to share a PDF download of her process for teaching chords. Don’t forget to grab that freebie after you listen to this episode.

  • [03:33] Roslyn shares about her studio and students.
  • [04:05] She tells us about her own musical upbringing.
  • [06:26] Describing her teaching before she joined TopMusicPro.
  • [08:18] Her teaching struggles and worries before joining TMP.
  • [09:57] How the membership has contributed to her growth as a teacher and business owner.
  • [11:45]  Sharing how she used one of TMP’s Creativity Kickstarters.
  • [14:42] Roslyn tells us more about her composition Waterfall and why student’s like this piece.
  • [19:24] Listening to Mystery at Midnight, her students’ own composition.
  • [22:26] An overview of how she teaches chords to students.
  • [24:32] Listening to major and minor pineapple chords.
  • [30:57] What students enjoy about composing their own music.
  • [31:53] The story of how she came across the TMP membership.
  • [34:06] Sharing her first experiences in TMP and the best thing about being a part of it.

Today’s Freebie

Transcript of the show

If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

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About our Guest

Roslyn Walters has taught piano and classroom music for every 20 years and has experience teaching adults and children, beginners and advanced grades, exams and music for leisure and for fun. Her passion is to teach and encourage people of all ages to develop their musical skills and to help them believe that they can do it. 

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  • Hi, I just tried to download the transcript from Rosalyn Walter podcast & I got a notice that said, “We are detecting suspicious activity from your device. Please try in another browser or contact the website administrator.” I administrate this device and I don’t have any idea what to do.
    Can you steer me in the right direction, please?
    Blessings, Patricia

    • Emily Laney says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure about the browser warning, Patricia. Belatedly checking this out – it seems fine currently. Do let me know if you still couldn’t play this or download it and I’ll try and help. Thank you!

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