TC229: Exploring Styles through Improv with Christopher Norton

TopCast Episode 229 - Exploring Styles through Improv with Christopher Norton

Composer Christopher Norton joins us to talk about exploring improv and how it relates to his compositional writing. We take a look at his latest writing, and how teachers can explore improv styles through his special accompaniments.

Christopher is a prolific composer, a coach for private teachers, and gives masterclasses all over the world. His Microjazz Series has been taught by piano teachers worldwide. Norton’s latest, the Connection Series, takes an exploratory approach to jazz and improv.

  • [04:23] Chris shares his latest projects
  • [06:29] His experience in teaching through online platforms.
  • [10:20] Chris’ compositions over the years.
  • [13:10] He plays a sample of an unreleased version of his music.
  • [15:08] On micro musicals works with his wife.
  • [17:19] Talking about the Connection Series.
  • [27:56] Future works we can expect from Chris.

Transcript of the show on Christopher Norton & improv

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About our Guest

TopCast Episode 229 - Exploring Styles through Improv with Christopher Norton

Christopher Norton is a New Zealand-born composer, arranger, educationalist, and producer, and is well regarded as a thought leader in his field, having composed the internationally recognized Microjazz Series and Connections for Piano. He is a prolific composer both of pedagogical piano repertoire, but also of suites for two pianos, sonatas, micro musicals, and more. Norton is presently writing a series of commissioned pieces, and resides with his wife Wendy in Ontario, Canada.

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