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The Art of Keeping Music Theory Fun and Engaging

by Kristen Smith

Should theory games earn a place in your lesson planning?

04/11/2021 Read more

TC202: Making Music Theory Fun Online with Sproutbeat

by Tim Topham

Teaching music theory online just got a burst of fun and colour from Sproutbeat, a digital theory app. Our guests today are Eik Mar and James Laughlin, founders of Sproutbeat, which has full-colour digital theory worksheets and games you can use on a tablet for teaching – without any printing or storing messy papers! Whether ... TC202: Making Music Theory Fun Online with Sproutbeat

08/07/2020 Read more

Piano Health Benefits: How Music Enriches Our Lives

by Ian R

How has piano made you healthier?

09/09/2019 Read more

Why Teach Music Theory? 3 Tips to Make Your Studio More Musical This Year

by Glory St. Germain

Some ways to teach music theory with success this year.

01/15/2019 Read more