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TC210: Daniel Patterson on why studio marketing matters at any stage

by Tim Topham

In this episode, you’ll learn how studio marketing tips can help your studio quality at any stage, even if your spots are already all filled. Daniel Patterson, one of the top thinkers about music studio marketing, joins us talk about better marketing tips for music teachers. His focus is on understanding the mindset and needs ... TC210: Daniel Patterson on why studio marketing matters at any stage

10/02/2020 Read more

Why I built the Music Teachers’ Marketplace

by Tim Topham

Find the scoop on the new 500+ item marketplace for music teachers and why we had to make it!

09/05/2020 Read more

TC206: Introducing the TopMusicMarketplace

by Tim Topham

TopMusicMarketplace connects teachers who create to wider shopping audiences.

09/04/2020 Read more

TC183: How To Attract Your Dream Students Through Instagram with Ruth Power

by Tim Topham

Learn how to attract your dream students using Instagram with Ruth Power from Piano Pivot Live conference

03/27/2020 Read more

CPTP Bonus Episode with Philip Johnston

by Tim Topham

Here’s a special bonus episode to end the podcast season.  Special guest Philip Johnston discusses a thought experiment to kickstart your thinking.

12/13/2019 Read more

We Did A Survey and Here’s What a Typical Piano Teacher Looks Like

by Tim Topham

What does the typical piano teacher look like these days?

03/19/2019 Read more