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TopMusicPro Teacher Success Story: Kristi Lee

More people in the community were hearing about my lessons and wanted to sign up. I went from about 35 students to 65. I ended up doing three classes and I have a waiting list. I must be saving five to ten hours a week in total.

Kristi’s Results

  • Found new methods of teaching
  • Gained inspiration after years of using the same methods
  • Grew from 35 to 65 students
  • Opened new group lessons at her studio

How TopMusicPro helped Kristi find new inspiration for her music lessons

  • Ideas and strategies for more innovative teaching
  • An extensive resource library
  • Access to well known professionals in the industry
  • A supportive online community of educators

What was your life like before TopMusicPro?

My name is Kristi Lee, and I teach in North Carolina. I focus mostly on piano private private lessons, although I do teach some classes.

I taught for 15 years using pretty much the same method. It worked great for a lot of students, but after some time teaching the same thing over and over I got a little bored and needed something new to inspire my teaching.

When the teacher is bored, the students can also get bored. I noticed that some students were not engaging with the methods I was using.

I had some students who had difficulties with sight reading. I was really wondering how I could help those students, because they were clearly gifted in their ability to listen and copy.

Instead of writing them off because they found reading music difficult, I wanted to find a new direction for them.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicPro?

One of the changes I made was incorporating classes instead of individual sessions. I was able to take five or six students at a time. A lot of parents are not sure if they want to invest in their child’s music education or if their child will like it.

Attending a class is a win-win because it lets them get their feet wet without investing in private lessons. It is also good for the teacher because you can see more students in less time, which increases your income.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicPro?

I have used the TopMusicPro No Book Beginners course which is awesome. That program was a huge hit in my studio. I ended up doing three classes and I had a waiting list!

I will never forget when one of my gifted students, who was struggling to read but had this amazing ear, left the lesson with a real radiance on her face. I had switched over to adding some composing and arranging into the lessons.

Later, her mum came in and told me how excited she was to have something exciting and enjoyable to work on.

Is TopMusicPro worth the investment?

I think that TopMusicPro is definitely worth the investment. It will grow you personally, your studio and your students.

As you grow your studio, it can make up the membership cost quickly. For me, TopMusicPro has totally been worth it.

Would you recommend TopMusicPro?

I would recommend TopMusic to any teacher that has been in a rut and needs something new or inspiring. It is also great if you have a student who learns differently and needs a new resource to grow more.

I would recommend TopMusic because they have tons of resources for every learning style.