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TopMusicPro Teacher Success Story: Kelly Jenkins

With all of the resources and training materials on TopMusicPro, I have never felt so equipped. Using TopMusicPro has just been a total delight, and made my job so much easier and more joyful.

Kelly’s Results

  • Has more pedagogical background knowledge
  • Beginning to use more dynamic and modern teaching techniques
  • A better understanding of rote learning and composing
  • Gets a higher level of enjoyment from teaching

How TopMusicPro helped Kelly refine her teaching style and strategies

  • Access to a large database of resources
  • Masterclasses and online lessons
  • Interviews with industry professionals
  • An active and helpful community of music educators

What was your life like before TopMusicPro?

My name is Kelly Jenkins, and I teach piano lessons and run a studio outside Boston, Massachusetts. All the piano teachers in my own circle are more traditional and classical teachers.

I was also trained using this traditional method where it was all about reading. I knew that I wanted to teach more creatively. I was doing it consistently, but I still had doubts about how to do it correctly.

I was creating all of my materials from scratch, such as games and songs that could be taught by rote, even before I knew the term ‘rote’.

I was basically making it all up on the fly and did not have the background knowledge to truly understand what I was doing and how to do it properly.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicPro?

Joining TopMusicPro was like being a kid in a candy shop. The number of resources was almost overwhelming and it was a feeling of sheer delight as I started digging into them.

I felt like I had support to do all of the things I had always wanted to do and had been doing. The big difference was now I could identify and label those techniques.

With the TopMusicPro resources, I began to understand rote learning, composing and all of the creative things that I was already doing.

TopMusicPro provided me with a wealth of resources and training to continue and extend on the things I was already doing in my lesson.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicPro?

First of all, the flagship courses are one of my favourites. They really deserve all of the credit they are given because they provide a high calibre education from the top teachers and educators in that field.

Because I have a hybrid studio, I drive to some of my lessons. I would be taking the classes on my drive and could then implement those ideas in the very next lesson.

The format was so practical and I felt like I could get hands on with the methods right away.

The forums and the support from the other teachers is an invaluable resource. Having other teachers that know what you are going through and can help you brainstorm or pinpoint problems is amazing.

Is TopMusicPro worth the investment?

TopMusicPro is absolutely worth the investment. You could spend a lot of money on one master teacher who could answer everything for you.

TopMusicPro is a community, a collection of trainings, forums, and resources that has all those answers and more. There is such a wealth of people and resources there!

To me TopMusicPro is invaluable, which is why I made the switch from a monthly to an annual membership very early on.

I knew this resource would be part of my studio life forever. It is so helpful that it was a no-brainer to make the investment. It provides a massive amount of value in comparison to the cost.

Would you recommend TopMusicPro?

It is very easy to recommend TopMusicPro to others. I have done it recently with two piano teachers in my area that I have been talking to.

I have yet to find or hear about a problem that TopMusicPro does not have the answer for. Without a second of hesitation, I can say “go to the forums” knowing that somebody out there has figured it out.

The great thing about TopMusicPro is that you do not have to be the only one figuring it out.

Like its name implies, TopMusicPro enables you to be a pro in your own studio because you do not have to reinvent the wheel or make up all the answers yourself. You have support.