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TopMusicPro Teacher Success Story: Kara Hess

Working with TopMusicPro is fun! I got excited about being a piano teacher and have revolutionised everything I do. I only had six or seven students before. Now I have 15 students with a 7-student waiting list that grows daily.

Kara’s Results

  • Better able to manage the staff of her studio
  • Growth in student numbers
  • Improvement in teaching style and techniques
  • The ability to inspire a love for music in students

How TopMusicPro helped Kara improve her teaching practices

  • A community of more than one thousand teachers growing together
  • Monthly masterminds and live webinars
  • Detailed courses and guides
  • Accountability meetings to keep you on track

What was your life like before TopMusicPro?

My name is Kara and I teach piano in North Salt Lake, Utah. I actually have my own studio where I teach right out of my home.

I have been teaching for seven years. I had a recital in the music hall and all of our students had done a great job.

Despite this, every single one of the parents came up to me after the recital and apologised for how little their child practised. I decided right then that I needed to do something a little different.

I decided that my studio needed to look and behave a little differently. The only information I was going off of was my own piano lessons as a child.

I did not have a lot of teaching experience and felt like I was failing because I wanted to teach in a way that inspired kids to love playing piano.

To hear that none of them were playing just to have fun made me feel like I had done a disservice to them and I knew I could do better.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicPro?

I listened to a podcast and read an article from TopMusicPro about imposter syndrome. When I read that article, it resonated with me and I realised I was not in this alone.

The TopMusicPro community has been great for me. It changed the entire way that I view myself as a piano teacher and as a person.

During my most recent recital I had a very different response. There was a lot more creativity from the kids.

After watching a webinar on TopMusicPro, I was able to teach one of my students to write a song. She wrote her own song and played it at the recital, which was really exciting.

After that recital, I had several parents come up to me and comment on how fun it was or how much their child enjoys what I do.

I could tell that they were pleased with their performances and what they had done. The difference between that recital and the previous one was huge.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicPro?

One resource that I love using from TopMusicPro are the music sheets.

‘MyMusicStaff’ has also been huge for my studio. Suddenly I have 80% more time to devote to my students because I am not sending out a hundred emails, managing staff, because the software does that for me.

The last resource that I love so much is the ‘No Book Beginners’ course that TopMusicPro offers.

Is TopMusicPro worth the investment?

After watching some of the TopMusicPro videos and listening to a few of their podcasts, I thought that having access to more content like that would be amazing.

What you get with TopMusicPro is so much more than that. There are so many courses on teaching different types of music and helpful guides on all aspects of running a successful music business.

Using TopMusicPro has opened up my world and helped me to become the piano teacher I always wanted to be. For me, it is definitely worth the investment.