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TopMusicGuitar Teacher Success Story: Christine Buurman

There still seems to be a myth that music teaching is just a hobby instead of an actual career. I was able to solidify the idea that I could make a real career out of what I am passionate about. That positive reinforcement in TopMusicGuitar has helped me to be proud of what I do.

Christine’s Results

  • She built a successful studio around modern teaching techniques
  • She utilizes ready-made and innovative programs for guitar teaching
  • Is able to support the teachers she employs with quality materials
  • Has access to a community of like-minded teachers

How TopMusicGuitar helped Christine build excitement about learning guitar in her studio

  • A deep catalogue of guitar teaching resources
  • Access to a podcast dedicated to guitar teaching
  • The support and guidance of industry experts
  • A helpful community of teachers and studio owners

What was your life like before TopMusicGuitar?

My name is Christine Buurman, and I am the director of Epics Music in Kiama, New South Wales. Now we have guitar, drums, sax, clarinet, singing and piano.

When I was building my studio, I found there was a lack of support. It was like you were doing it on your own as a teacher and studio owner.

I have purchased so many guitar books. I play a few chords on guitar, but it is not my main instrument. When I employed a guitar teacher, I wanted a series of books that he could use, and the ones that are available were not that great.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicGuitar?

I am excited for TopMusicGuitar to finally open up with guitar. I see it as the perfect way to help with off-the-bench gains, improv, and that creative side of teaching instead of the rigid page by page method.

I remember listening to the first introduction podcast, and I was so excited. My husband saw me when I was listening in the lounge and he could sense my excitement. I was really invigorated!

I was thrilled that there were going to be resources and a community with other guitar teachers that we can leverage to help each other grow.

Networking is a critical part of TopMusicGuitar, and being in contact with other teachers in your area is helpful. Encouraging that community through TopMusic, and then locally in the local community has really helped.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicGuitar?

Being able to get in there, connect with the students, have fun, and listen to that on the podcast is our goal. That is what I am excited for!

I am excited to get into how to do improv with younger kids, and how to do some off-the-bench games that are educational. That is what I am looking forward to.

Would you recommend TopMusicGuitar?

I would 100% recommend TopMusicGuitar, especially for music studio owners or teachers that feel like they are doing it on their own.

You do not have to do it on your own. You can be a part of a community that understands what you are going through, and can help.

TopMusicGuitar can give you resources, ideas, and the chance to talk about different students and different studio scenarios such as the difficulties going through COVID.

Knowing that we are not in this alone and that everyone has these difficulties is huge. I would recommend TopMusicGuitar purely for that.