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TopMusicPro Teacher Success Story: Christina McDonough

I have become a more organised and thoughtful teacher. The quality of my teaching has definitely deepened.

Christina’s Results

  • Has become more organised and structured with teaching
  • More clarity on the business side of music teaching
  • Integration of systems for invoicing and studio management
  • Professional development through coursework

How TopMusicPro helped Christina improve the quality of her piano teaching

  • Structured coursework on a range of topics
  • Advice and tips on best business practices
  • Ideas on how to engage students
  • Helpful advice from fellow teachers

What was your life like before TopMusicPro?

My name is Christina McDonough and I am a piano teacher in the Los Angeles valley area. I mostly travel to my students’ homes to teach and also do some virtual lessons.

Before I found TopMusicPro, I felt like an outlier even though there are some local music teacher groups. One is more geared towards school music, and the other organisation is more geared towards testing.

I felt a little adrift. It seemed like in these groups, it was forbidden to talk about business ideas or rates. I wanted to know the details of if people charged monthly or by semester and other details like that.

I kind of felt on my own, and I am stunned to believe that I even survived without TopMusicPro.

What changed for you after working with TopMusicPro?

I have been really thrilled to find a community of teachers who also enjoy classical music, but also other styles of music.

TopMusicPro has also directed me towards other resources I didn’t even know existed previously. Now I have a studio management software system that has made my billing and invoicing infinitely easier.

There are also so many courses in TopMusic that you can access to continue learning.

What are your favourite resources from TopMusicPro?

The coursework available within TopMusic has to be my favourite. They have an academy, and it covers a range of topics, from conducting group lessons, to business practices, or even how to do chords.

It is a wonderful well of information that you can always go and draw from.

Is TopMusicPro worth the investment?

TopMusicPro is so worth the investment. Just do it, seriously. You will not regret it! Even if you are not on it every day, you will still get so much out of it.

Would you recommend TopMusicPro?

I would recommend TopMusicPro to any music teacher. I can specifically say that it is useful for piano teachers because that is what I know best. However, it definitely applies to other instruments as well.

TopMusicPro is a place to go to stay fresh, inspired, and to pat yourself on the back by sharing when something is working.