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Studio Success Bundle

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Discover new and innovative ways to integrate creative activities into your lessons that will inspire and delight your students.


Introducing TopMusicPro’s
Studio Success Bundle

This bundle not only gives you access to an informative and inspirational course crammed with teaching ideas but also to a webinar that will guide you to studio success.

Bundle Content:


Studio Success Path Course

Tim Topham and Nicola Cantan will guide you through improvements and changes you can make in your studio to boost your confidence and excitement about your business


Your 9-Step Path to Music Success Webinar

Watch the replay of Tim and Nicola’s inspirational webinar detailing the importance of having a path to achieve your version of success (because success is different for everyone!)


Learn from our Experts:
Tim Topham & Nicola Cantan

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

World-renowned educator and specialist in teen teaching, Tim Topham, has been teaching teenagers for over 10 years.

It’s been the bread and butter of his own teaching studio, and he is well-known for transforming non-practisers or almost-quitters into motivated, engaged and hard-working piano students.

Tim has created this fantastic course to share his extensive knowledge on the subject with you. By taking this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident and competent to have a successful studio.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Nicola Cantan is a piano teacher, author, blogger, and creator of imaginative and engaging teaching resources. She loves getting piano students learning through laughter and exploring the diverse world of music making through improvisation, composition and games. She helps teachers all over the world to include more games and off-bench activities in their lessons.

Nicola has created this fantastic course to share her extensive knowledge on the subject with you.

By taking this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident and competent to have a successful studio.


This bundle will help you:

✔️ Successfully start your teaching business with advice from trusted teachers and experts.

✔️ Refresh your already-established studio with new and exciting ideas.

✔️ Improve your entrepreneurial mindset.

✔️ Discover a game-changing way to teach beginners.

✔️ Unlock your marketing prowess.

This course was created to help you take the overwhelm out of improving your teaching business.

Here’s what other teachers are saying:

Here’s what you’ll get:

A course to help you through the journey of making changes to help develop not only your pedagogical skills but also your business acumen.

Action steps for YOU to think about, fill in, and work on.

Access to the “9-Step Path to Music Success” webinar, helping you determine what your version of success looks like.

A goldmine of inspiration and ideas to amplify your teaching and make your studio a stand-out success.

How Do I Access the Course?


Get full ongoing access to this course today as part of my TopMusicPro membership and enjoy all the benefits of membership, including:

Regular help growing your studio and developing your teaching skills
Access to 50 + comprehensive pedagogy and business courses in our Academy
Ask questions in our supportive, private community forums
Discounts, lesson plans, downloads, PDFs and teaching videos
Help using technology and updating your website
The support of a community that you can access at your fingertips
Once your membership is confirmed, you’ll have full access to all courses and resources via your own TopMusicPro login and members app.


Alternatively, if you’d like to just buy the course, get your access for $149.

You will be given a login, but it will only provide course access for 12 months.

Please note that you will not be able to ask questions of the group or interact with course creator and specialist, Tim Topham, if you purchase the stand-alone course.

Your access is limited to the full course materials only.

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If you’re exhausted on Sunday because you’ve taught another 60+ hour week and tried to keep up with everything you’ve had to do, you’re going to burn out. That’s the worst thing for you… and your students.

But it’s not your fault.

As music teachers, we’ve also got to organise a complex schedule, manage cancellations, invoice parents, make sure we get paid and somehow find the time for marketing to new students. Most of us spent years honing our musical skills, but received very little business or teaching training. We “fell into” teaching when we were young and never really set ourselves up as a business.

Imagine: You teach the hours you want, enjoy family dinner, AND smile when you see your bottom line.

We’re here to tell you it’s possible.

TopMusicPro is here to help you

feel more confident
have a bigger impact on the world
feel less isolated
attract students who want to practice
make more money
build a strong profile and waitlist
find more time or yourself
teach more of your favourite students
make even more of a difference in the world

Get the results you deserve…today.

TopMusicPro is your ultimate teaching resource

Since 2016, TopMusicPro has helped hundreds of music teachers re-connect with today’s busy, overscheduled music students. We provide the resources, guidance and expertise to create more meaningful music lessons.

Whether you are a new teacher wanting to start a private teaching studio, or a teaching veteran looking to refresh your approach, TopMusicPro membership is the key to unlock all the creative teaching tools, business advice and support you need to become a more confident teacher and savvy business owner.

TopMusicPro is the place to be to sharpen your teaching skills and grow your dream studio


Repertoire Detective

Greatly reduce the time it takes for you to find teenage appropriate repertoire with this handy tool.

Training & Courses

50+ courses on pedagogy and business ensure you’re always current with the latest strategies.

Member Forums

Spark a discussion, ask questions, share ideas and feel supported in our private member forums.

Access to Experts

Join the best-known teaching experts from around the world as they give you ideas and answer your questions.

Special Discounts

Access exclusive discounts on training, sheet music and resources, such as a 20% discount to all sheet music

FREE Sheet Music

Your Membership comes with a FREE monthly piano sheet music book, studio licensed and all yours to keep!

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The Complete Guide to Songwriting

Next-level composing with an industry expert, Simon Rushby


Piece by Piece
Masterclass Series

Learn to teach historical repertoire to intermediate students accurately with direction and confidence.


Grade 1 Toolkit

An online course with practical strategies for teaching Grade 1 successfully


Teaching Students with Special Needs

Follow a practical, surefire step-by-step action plan to effectively teach students with special needs and set all your students up for success.


Preschool No Book Beginners

Start young beginners in a creative, exploratory and FUN curriculum to ignite their love for music.


No Book Beginners

Complete guide for creatively teaching the first 10 weeks of “No Book” lessons


Four Chord Composing

Take your students the basics of chords right and progress all the way to writing their very own complex chord compositions.


Taking the Lead with Forrest Kinney

Learn to teach students to play from lead sheets and arrange their favourite songs.


Teen and Transfer Student Toolkit

Discover proven strategies for teaching teens and transfer students successfully.


PianoFlix: How to Teach Pop Piano

Help your students explore pop music, alongside their traditional repertoire


Build your Music Studio Website on WordPress

Follow a step by step guide to set up a studio website, Facebook page, and Google My Business account from scratch.


Make More, Teach Less with Pairs, Buddies & Labs

Explore the advantages of buddy, pair, and group lessons, and how to decide what is best for you and your studio.

Enjoy Free Monthly Sheet Music


TopMusicSheets Review

Pop Songs Solutions



Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift


Super Mario Bros Ground Theme


Made You Look by Meghan Trainor


Happiness is a Butterfly by Lana Del Ray


Discover your new favourite teaching resource

Prep amazing lessons with our step-by-step lesson plans
Connect with other teachers in our private forums
Improve your teaching by watching live teaching videos
Be invited to masterminds, member-only events and challenges
Access everything using our dedicated member app
Get a listing on our member directory (coming soon!)

Explore it all. Join TopMusicPro today.

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Selected Discounts, Tools and Support.

Free monthly sheet music
Access to the Studio Success Path course
Selected discounts
Community forum access
Ongoing webinar replay access
Free Member App (Android/iOS)

Best deal! Access all courses, downloads and the roadmap and let us shine a path on your development.

Everything in LITE, plus:
Full access to all 50+ Academy courses
Monthly live member webinars
Weekly live accountability ‘power hour’ meetings
Find the right course using our Course Compass
Discover new teaching repertoire with Repertoire Detective
Access the TopMusicPro library of lesson plans and teaching tools
1000+ hours of teaching videos, workshops, events
Watch member-exclusive webinars and demonstrations
Complementary studio tours and website reviews

For entrepreneurial teachers looking for help with scaling, hiring, building and online business development.

Everything in Studio, plus:
Exclusive “Next-level” course access
Private evolution forums
Music Teacher Startup Course (value $799)
Build a Music Academy Course
Secrets to building a bulletproof music teaching business
Learn from elite experts and music entrepreneurs
Personal 30-60 day checkins exclusive to Evolution Members
90 day checkpoint meetings with Tim Topham

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand that confirming your membership is a significant decision, so if you purchase a subscription and, within the first month, realise that this is not the right fit for you, simply send a message and I will refund your money immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Is TopMusicPro the place for me?

  • If you’re one of my blog readers, video watchers or podcast listeners, then you’re probably a perfect fit for TopMusicPro. However, just in case, scroll back to the section above called “Is TopMusicPro right for you?” to check.

I can’t afford this. I’ve only got a small studio!

  • It’s important to view your TopMusicPro membership as a business investment, rather than a personal expense.
  • If you’d like to grow your student numbers and create a sustainable business, then investing in TopMusicPro will help you achieve that goal much faster than working on your own.
  • In addition, because this is a business investment, you should aim to cover your membership from your studio admin fees and deduct it from your business account.
  • For example, let’s say you teach 30 students. If you charge an admin fee of just $15 per student for the year, you’ve easily covered the cost of your membership. This is how many members invest in their business without it coming out of their own ‘back pocket’.
  • Try and consider your subscription as part of a bigger picture growth strategy for you and your studio. Oh and remember, it’s likely to be a tax deductible business expense (depending on your jurisdiction).

How is this community different to the Facebook groups I follow?

  • We find there are three big problems with Facebook groups: it’s too easy to get distracted, there’s too much complaining and it’s really difficult to search.
  • TopMusicPro’s exclusive forums are designed around your needs and development. Without the noise of Facebook and its cat videos and whingers, you can get straight to work, asking the questions you need and getting responses from around the world.
  • You can easily search anything on the site (including all discussions) using a dedicated search bar at the top of every page.
  • Only members and our invited TMP Expert Teachers are allowed to use the forums, so you get the best possible answers from the most experienced teachers, without all the distractions and complications. And you can access it all from your very own dedicated app.

Is all the content available straight away?

  • Yes. When you become a member, you get access to everything that’s relevant to the tier you signed up for. The only thing that isn’t there is the stuff we’re still creating 🙂

What if I’m already a great teacher with a full studio? Is there any point?

  • By sharing your own ideas and helping other teachers, you’ll develop and grow as a teacher. Regardless of how experienced we are, there are always new things to learn and try and being inside TopMusicPro is the BEST way to keep on top of new developments in our industry.
  • Lots of our members have big studios, contracted teachers and even multiple locations and they choose to continue their membership to pass on their knowledge to other teachers.

Will you be adding new content or is it all there already?

  • New content is added regularly as we continue to develop new courses, lesson plans and downloads. In addition, all the items uploaded by members and our TopMusicPro Experts are freely available to use in your own teaching. That’s why the forums are such a great place for sharing ideas.

How do I get value for money?

  • We’ll email you a weekly update of new releases, features, upgrades, top discussions and courses so you can get an overview of what’s been happening, even if you’ve been busy. We also do a monthly member update sharing some of the bigger feature releases and upcoming dates for your calendar.
  • Members see the best returns by committing a small amount of time each week to pop into the forums, share their thoughts, ask questions and generally get involved.
  • And remember that if you charge around $US40-60 per lesson, then the cost of TopMusicPro Membership is less than the income from just one of your lessons each month. Can you afford not to be involved?

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

  • TopMusicPro is 100% online. There is no mailed information, however from time to time we do like to surprise our members, so you never know!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

  • If you decide that membership isn’t right for you, you have 30 days in which to cancel according to my 100% money-back guarantee.
  • If you do decide to cancel, while we’ll be very sad to see you go, you’ll be able to do this yourself with a few mouse clicks through your “My Account” page.

What’s the difference between the 3 tiers?

  • Our first tier, the Lite tier, is great for teachers who are looking specifically for quality sheet music, a fun magazine to read and access to our previous webinars. It does NOT include any of our courses, lesson plans, or other academy downloads, however.
  • Most teachers will get the best value from a Studio membership. This will give you access to pretty much everything that TopMusicPro has to offer – it includes everything from the Lite offer, PLUS our courses, repertoire detective, our entire academy stuffed full of workshops, lesson plans, live teaching, webinars, downloads, cheat sheets, quick wins and so on. You will also get access to our very cool discounts on Musicnotes and Tonebase.
  • If you are a ‘next-level’ teacher, looking to expand your business by opening a music academy or by branching out into other areas of business, our evolution membership will be the perfect match for you. It includes the popular Music Teacher Startup Course, coaching options and higher-level marketing courses that will accelerate your new business ventures.

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