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If you’re a classically-trained musician, trying to teach pop can put you way out of your comfort zone!

In fact, for many teachers, they don’t even give it a chance because they simply haven’t been trained in what to do.

Rest assured, I make the whole process really easy to understand and integrate into your teaching in my online training course called PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano.

PianoFlix is a comprehensive 8-part online video training course that takes you through from beginning pop teaching to advanced and includes videos on finding music, simplifying arrangements, using technology and even helping students create their own arrangements.

If you’re looking to watch the videos and complete the course, then scroll down to find out how you can become a member of my Inner Circle at a special discount price today below.

In the meantime, check out these links to some of my most popular articles and videos.

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Making Connections

Favourite Links

  • Notestar App for backing tracks – the best play-along app for piano students. Provides band and full vocals with music and lead sheet on-screen. Highly customisable, regularly updated with the latest music.
  • Best iPad apps for Piano Teachers – check out my list of recommendations. Read about what iPad models and sizes I recommend for piano teachers.
  • Pop Piano Hits – One of the best series of pop music in easy arrangements that actually sound good!
  • Noviscore – best download site for pop piano sheets at three levels of difficulty.

inner circle piano teaching community

Are you serious about developing your piano teaching?

My Inner Circle Piano Teaching Community is where the most dedicated, creative and innovative teachers from around the world meet to share ideas, ask questions, watch training and motivate each other to be the best teachers they can be.

“The Inner Circle is a piano teacher’s one-stop shop for creative inspiration! Not only do you get all of Tim’s secret formulas for making piano come alive for your students, but you get to collaborate with other teachers from all over the world. I’ve already purchased several helpful books or read informative articles that others have suggested. Exciting to be a part of something so innovative. Thanks, Tim!” Marie Lee

As a member of the Inner Circle, you get instant access to:

  • All my resources including my top-rated “Teaching Pop Piano” 8-part online course and an ever-expanding library of other courses on topics such as Teaching Beginners, 12 Bar Blues, Studio Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Using Lead Sheets, etc.
  • Monthly member masterminds
  • Recordings of all my keynotes and workshops
  • Our online community forum to ask any questions you want
  • Training videos, webinars, PDFs, lesson plans
  • Regular member challenges

Here’s what one of the members, Wendy, said recently:

“Well what can I say about the Inner Circle – it’s fabulous! I love the amount of information and teaching ideas that I have come across so far and I still have plenty to explore. I love hearing what other teachers have to say about how they teach and the resources they use. It’s also been a boost to my self-confidence as a teacher to know that I am on the right track with my teaching when I read what other teachers are doing and realise that I do a lot of the same things. Accepting the Practice Challenge (5 hours – no excuses!) has put me right back on the path to playing the piano more myself and has reminded how much I love to play. The Pianoflix teaching Pop videos – I first viewed these almost 18 months ago and I can honestly say that since then they have saved me losing at least 4 students to date. I feel that being part of a teaching community is really making me a better teacher and I don’t think you could get a better community than the one that Tim has created.” Wendy Love

If this sounds like you, then the first step is to watch my introductory video and read all about the membership here.

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I can’t wait to welcome you into my Inner Circle and keep today’s dialogue, learning and motivation going.