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Strategies for teaching improvisation to beginners
When it comes to teaching improvisation to beginners, many piano teachers shy away. They either reserve that activity for more[...]
How to Teach Pop Songs in 6 Simple Steps
If your students want to write their own songs, they should understand how to play existing pop songs. It gives[...]
How To Teach Songwriting to Your Piano Students
(Psst! Scroll down to the end for the free download of the TopMusicMag: Songwriting Special) Knowing how to teach songwriting[...]
My First Summer Camp: Where I Went Wrong
Does the thought of running a summer camp fill you with dread? It does for me. Thinking about a dozen[...]
5 Tips To Prepare You For Music Camps This Summer
It's time for music camps! Summer is approaching for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and that means it's[...]
How To Run A Music Summer Camp
As spring shows its face (I'm looking at you, daffodils), piano teachers start thinking ahead to summer plans. Specifically, plans[...]
TopMusic Certification: A Piano Teacher’s Story
In 2023, TopMusic created TopMusic Certification. It is a way for piano teachers to become accredited, overcome imposter syndrome, and[...]
Why Piano Teachers Need A Mission Statement
Mission statements. You probably associate these with large corporations. You picture a big group of people sitting around a large[...]
5 No-Prep Music Games For Your Music Lessons
Music games can be an absolute game-changer in music lessons. They can turn wiggling students into focused students. They can[...]
3 Reasons To Play Games To START Your Music Lessons
When you think about playing music games in your lessons, you possibly think about leaving them until the end of[...]
7 Reasons To Play Music Games During Your Lessons
Do you have a student (or students) who cause your stress levels to rise? Maybe they're the ones who are[...]
How to Use Music Theory Games to Get Real Results
Do you use music theory games in your lessons? If so, when do you use them? As a break when[...]
10 Ways Creativity Helps Music Teachers And Students
You've probably heard us talk a lot about creativity when it comes to music lessons. But have you ever stopped[...]
A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Piano Method Books
"Which method book am I going to use?" This is probably one of the first questions you asked yourself when[...]
How to Teach Creatively Using a Piano Method Book
When you have a brand new beginner piano student, what do you do? Do you crack open a method book[...]
Teaching Music Lessons In 2023
Think back to when you first start taking instrument lessons. Whether that was over 30 years ago, 20, 10, or[...]
Introducing The PRESTO Framework
Over the last few years, we've been working on an exciting undertaking at TopMusic- developing our very own Certification Program.[...]
The Best Aural Piano Activities for Absolute Beginner Piano Students
Forget about cadences, inversions and singing “here comes the bride” to remind about intervals. Today we’re talking about aural piano[...]
The Real Reason Teens are Quitting Piano – Part 1
Are Your Teens Quitting Piano? Here’s how to motivate them: Is it just me or is it getting harder to[...]