Integrated Music Teaching Podcast Guest FAQ

Thanks for offering to be a guest 🙂

If you haven’t seen or listened to the Integrated Music Teaching Podcast before, you can check out recent episodes here or see list below.

You can also read some of our 5* reviews here.

Podcasts are released weekly and delivered via audio-only format through iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

When recording, video and audio are both recorded with the video being used for social media teasers in the lead-up to each episode.

All episodes feature transcriptions and full shownotes. Episodes are promoted by email and through my social media channels.

How does the recording work?

The conversation will be recorded via zoom and all the tech will happen at my end.

The link you need to join us will be emailed to you on confirmation of your interview time.

NOTE>> To use zoom, you’ll need to download (free) software to your computer. Please set aside 5 mins prior to the call to do this.

Interviews are audio and video recorded, so please ensure suitable lighting, and make sure that your camera is centered on you and that you’re happy with the background.

Set aside 1 hour for the recordings. I will provide you with questions a few days before the podcast so that you can prepare.

Viewers also love downloads, so if you have any checklists, cheat sheets, step by step guides or similar related to the content, please let me know so that I can upload them.

What technology do I need?


Please make sure that you have an audio microphone set up or are wearing mic headphones. This eliminates issues with echo. This is essential and we cannot record without them.

A simple solution is to use Apple earbuds. These include headphones and incorporate a very clear mic which makes recording really easy.

Internet Connection and Speed

You need cable internet or NBN connection (that tends to be the minimum standard in Australia for domestic connections. Businesses are usually cable). If you can plug your computer into the network with cables (rather than WIFI), even better.

Australians: our internet is generally terrible! If you have any concerns, I actually get the fastest and most stable connection by tethering my laptop directly to my cellular phone and using it as a personal hotspot, as in this picture:

how to solve aussie internet

If you need to learn how to do this, please Google for the answer for your device.

If you want to check your internet speed, I recommend using You need minimum of 10 Mbps download (25+ best) and 5 Mbps upload (10+ even better).

Even if your internet seems OK for day-to-day usage, remember that most of what we do at home is download. For video and audio recordings, you’ll be uploading which is where the problems begin.

PLEASE NOTE: Please turn off your phone, stop all downloads, ask children to get off home networks, turn off apps that sync eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. to ensure the best quality recording.

Self Promotion

I’m happy for you to mention your own products or services, as long as they are relevant to the content and to an audience of music teachers.

It’s a great idea to offer a discount code or bonus offer as part of mentioning your products/services. We can discuss these when organising your interview.

How do I book a time?

To book a time, click here to see available times in your timezone and book a time.

Please only book a time when you will be able to access a clear connection. Connections will be significantly slower if children are streaming video, Dropbox is uploading big files and/or anyone is playing video games.

You’ll also be asked to sign and return my Interviewee Release form which details how I use these recordings. I cannot publish your episode unless this release is received. It’s best to do this as soon as you book as it only takes about 2-3 minutes. It’s all done online (no printing, scanning, etc.)

What do I do now?

  1. Book a recording time using the above calendar link if you haven’t already done so
  2. Sign the Interviewee Release Form – you’ll be given a link after the calendar booking
  3. Send a copy of a brief bio (or link to it) and a face image that we can use for the podcast graphics to
  4. Await your interview prep questions 🙂
  5. Please email if you have other questions and thanks so much for getting involved

Example Episodes

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