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The TopCast - The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

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The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify.

TC226: What is 4 Chord Composing All About? (archives)
So many students can play well - but how many can write and compose? Do your piano students know essentials[...]
TC225: What to say to parents when their child is about to quit piano with Anita Collins (archives)
When families and students think of quitting, they're often making short-term decisions to reduce busy activities or budgets. It's all[...]
TC224: Helping Students Cope with Performance Anxiety with Noa Kageyama (archives)
Today, we're taking an investigative look at the psychology behind performance anxiety, what creates it, and the things you can[...]
TC223: Is “Practice” killing your studio business? with Danny Thompson (archives)
Practice and music lessons: they go hand in hand. But what if your students are quietly quitting over it? Danny[...]
TC222: How Teaching Beginners with No Books Revolutionised Georgina’s studio (archives)
Find out what results this teacher discovered when she set aside standard method book options and started students with a[...]
TC221: From the archives – Best of Nick Ambrosino
In this favourite episode from our archives, author Nick Ambrosino joins us to talk about how to reframe your teaching[...]
TC220: Jazz Perspectives with Composer Kerin Bailey
In today's episode, we’re speaking with one of Australia's most-loved composers, Kerin Bailey. Kerin shares his musical background, influence of[...]
TC219: Pro Piano Skills for Teen Students with Carol Matz
Carol Matz joins us on the show today to talk about Pro Piano skills and specifically why older and teen[...]
TC218: Emotive Repertoire for Teens and Adults from Movies & New Age
In this episode, find 20+ emotive teen piano repertoire picks that appeal to older or adult students, complete with play-through[...]
TC217: Penelope Roskell’s Top Tips for a Healthy Technique
Learn about success tips for teaching a beautifully healthy technique for all students. Today, we've invited the UK's foremost specialist[...]

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