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online piano teaching

Have you thought about giving online lessons only to be overwhelmed by all the technology you’ll need to purchase and learn to use? Have you written-off online lessons because of the importance you place on being able to physically help your students? Have you assumed that teaching technique online is just too hard?

I’m sure many of us have had these thoughts over the last few years as the option to teach online has become both possible and practical. So this month on the blog and podcast, we’re focussing on the ins and outs of teaching online: how to do it, what equipment you’ll need, what the benefits are, if there are any disadvantages, how to organise your remote teaching, how to get paid, how to advertise yourself, other ways to diversify your online offerings and much more.

We’re going to hear from leading industry experts including Mario Ajero, one of the world’s greatest exponents of piano teaching technology, Melody Payne who has built an online course devoted to helping teachers start teaching online, and musicians like Mike Verta, a composer and teacher teacher who is absolutely blitzing the online teaching area by creating lessons that everyone can learn from.

To get you started, make sure you watch the podcast that I did last year with Hugh Sung called, Is This The Future of Piano Teaching? In this popular interview, we discuss what we see as the future of music education and talk about his current approach to teaching online. It’s a fascinating interview and one that will get you thinking about the possibilities that await us in the 21st Century Piano Studio.

You might also like to check out my Resources Page for links to the equipment that I recommend and use in my business and teaching studio. You’ll find links to the best webcam for online lessons (which, incidentally, most teachers seem to be using for Skype lessons!), sound systems, microphones, tablet holders, etc.

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