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How to Teach Beginner Piano Students with No Book for the First 10 Weeks

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Leave reading until later and focus on having creative, musical fun with your students right from the first lesson.

Our No Book Beginner framework lays out the lesson plans you need in a step-by-step formula for creative beginner teaching success.


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Learn a fun, creative, research supported strategy to teach beginners without a method book.

Maintain high educational standards WHILE having fun with students

We believe beginner piano lessons should be the most exciting, creative and engaging lessons you teach.

It is your chance to ignite excitement at the piano for your student.


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Many studies suggest that the best way to teach music is firstly through listening, copying, singing, creating and exploring well before anything to do with reading and writing.

It’s the same way that we learn to speak our native language. You’d never think of teaching a child to read and write before they can speak and improvise in their language, so why do we do it for music?

In this Free Webinar, you’ll learn:

👉 Creativity-first versus reading-first
👉The kinds of skills we want to build in beginners
👉The activities you can do instead of reading to teach these skills