More cool music for the boys – Sonny Chua

music for boys sonny chua

With a firm belief that instrumental teachers should spend at least an hour a week listening to and playing through new repertoire, I thought it worth sharing with you the music of Sonny Chua as definitely worth your research time.

Sonny Chua is a Malaysian-born, Melbourne-based piano teacher and composer who writes music that will appeal to students of all ages, but I find that boys are particularly attracted to the driving rhythms, stomping chords and funky basslines. If you are unfamiliar with his music, have a listen to the following examples.

Rondo (3rd movement) from his Sonatina. A great ostinato for LH in the A section with beautiful contrast in the B section. Make sure you listen to the 1st and 2nd movements as well:

You Dirty Rat – This has a great fun ostinato in the LH and jumpy rhythms. I’ve heard this played with much more life and fun than this recording – but it gives you some idea of how it sounds:

Struttin it around – great stride bass in the LH and glissandos to keep it fun!

Hoon Mobile – here’s one of my students performing. Listen for the impatience in the drivers shown by the LH and the car horns in the right. This is in the AMEB PFL Grade 2 syllabus: