What are Creativity Kickstarters?

These 1-page downloads give you a simple musical idea that you can explore with your students to both deepen
their understanding of music while at the same time having a heap of fun. Activities can be used with students of all ages
and skill levels and don’t require any reading or prior knowledge. They are perfect for 5-minute lesson breaks,
for when students forget their music, for summer camps or when you just want to change things up a little.

Your creativity kickstarter challenge:

Download these super fun worksheets and choose just ONE activity to try with ONE student in the next week.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get creative with just a simple idea and your students will LOVE it!


What’s the easiest way to get creative with kids at the piano?

If you’ve got a classical training in music, one of the biggest challenges of teaching more creatively is knowing where to start when there’s nothing to read!


We’d like to giveaway a pack of our 5 most popular

Creativity Kickstarters plus 1 BONUS:

✔️ 3 Pop Songs Progression
✔️ 4 Chord Composing Cheat Sheet
✔️ Descending Basslines
✔️ The Scale Vamp
✔️ Epic Chord Progressions
BONUS: The Elton-Esque Filler

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

These fun cheat sheets give you one simple idea that you can take and run with your students in any lesson.

You can use them as a 5-minute creative warm up at the start of lessons or for when your students have forgotten their books or didn’t do any practice.