Introducing TopMusicPro Evolution Membership

So you’re teaching music lessons but you’ve hit the career ceiling. Or have you?

Introducing TopMusicPro Evolution Membership

TopMusicPro Evolution Membership

Helping Music Teachers to Grow

Over the last few years of running TopMusicPro (aka the “InnerCircle”) Membership, we’ve heard more and more from members keen to expand their teaching beyond their own studio.

Does this ring a bell?

You feel boxed in by the available teaching hours after school, and realize you can’t earn above a certain income ceiling, despite loving what you do…

You have a child or aging parent who needs your attention, but teaching 1:1 lessons leaves you tied up for hours, unavailable to help them, and it keeps you up at night worrying about it…

You have an idea for solving a problem for music teachers with a product or course offering, but while you pored over tools and platforms, you got lost in self-doubt and procrastination…

While not all teachers are looking to expand their studio and hire other teachers, many are looking for ways to diversify their income and bring in more revenue from non-teaching/playing streams.

The gig model of performing or accompanying has always been the go-to option to create another income stream.

However, teachers are now looking in other directions. It’s especially a factor currently with uncertain student enrollments: one wishes for diversified income sources.

To support teachers with these goals, we launched MusicTeacherStartup in July 2019, which was our first step in helping the online business aspirations of music teachers.

One big revelation has emerged while we’ve run our TopMusicPro membership for almost five years:

It’s the community that helps teachers learn and make change.

Much like attending a class in a study period or a conference live in person, you can learn so much more from being surrounded by other people doing similar things to you.

So over the last six months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to expand our membership and offer three levels of connection for teachers and today, we’re officially launching our three new membership tiers:

music teacher membership options including TopMusicPro Evolution

How the New Tiers Work

This is a truly exciting time in the development of TopMusicPro as it gives our team the ability to much better serve teachers at all stages of their music teaching journey.

With monthly and annual plans for the three tiers, there are options here to suit every teacher.

Here’s a quick overview of the three tiers:

Lite Membership

>Here’s what you get

  • Free monthly sheet music
  • Select discounts
  • Community forum access
  • Ongoing webinar replay access
  • Digital access to back issues of Piano Bench Mag
  • Free Member App (Android/iOS)

TopMusicPro Evolution and membership logo

Studio Membership

This is the plan that all our current members are now on and is also available for new members to join. It’s our core membership offering featuring a great balance of all our courses, resources, training and discounts.

So if you joined us any time before these tiers were active, you’re now a Studio Member of TopMusicPro – congratulations!

You’ll still get all the same benefits, and you’ll still pay the same great price you’ve always paid for membership.

Here’s what our studio members enjoy:

  • Everything in LITE, plus:
  • Full access to all 30+ Academy courses
  • Find the right course using our Course Compass
  • Discover new teaching repertoire with Repertoire Detective
  • Access the TopMusicPro library of lesson plans and teaching tools
  • 1000+ hours of teaching videos, workshops, events
  • Watch member-exclusive webinars and demonstrations
  • Member studio tours and website reviews

Of course, this is just what’s available now. Every month the TopMusic team adds new content to all levels of membership including:

  • Monthly workshops
  • Courses
  • Free sheet music
  • Discounts, and much more

inspiration guitar image about TopMusicPro Evolution

Introducing TopMusicPro Evolution

We decided to create a next-level tier for TopMusicPro membership called Evolution, which is designed to expand on what we offered teachers through our Music Teacher Startup program.

Evolution is about supporting teachers looking to build on their teaching studio to expand in one of two ways:

  • running an online business and learning to market and sell products and services online (e.g. sheet music, online courses, lesson plans, physical products)
  • building a “music school” by hiring other teachers, leasing commercial space and growing student numbers, often in a variety of instruments

These two objectives are not necessarily part of every member’s goals, so we decided to create a new membership tier to support these members and to which any Lite or Studio members can upgrade at any time.

Put simply, Evolution membership is…

For entrepreneurial teachers looking for help with scaling, hiring, building and online business development.

This membership sits on top of our Studio membership, meaning that Evolution members get all the benefits of Studio membership, plus a whole lot more.

Here’s a summary of what you get as an Evolution member:

  • Everything in Studio, plus:
  • Exclusive “Next-level” course access
  • Private Evolution forums
  • Music Teacher Startup Course (value $799)
  • Build a Music Academy Course
  • Secrets to building a bulletproof music teaching business
  • Learn from elite experts and music entrepreneurs
  • Free premium seller account at TopMusicMarketplace
  • Monthly live online coaching exclusive to Evolution members

Let’s explore these benefits in a bit more detail so you can make an informed decision about whether you’d like to update or join us in Evolution membership.

TopMusicPro Evolution Member Benefits

Here is a look at some of the main benefits of becoming a TopMusicPro Evolution member.

Monthly Group Coaching with Tim

group zoom call with TopMusicPro Evolution members

  • Are you the teacher who is wanting to expand and possibly offer products or services online, but you need a mentor and a development plan?
  • Would you like a place to be able to ask questions (no matter how basic) and get advice on your business plans, marketing strategy, advertisements, your website, etc.?

Evolution-level membership will give you a chance to hang out each month with me and ask questions and discuss your studio and business ideas.

Coaching sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend, and all members are invited to attend and submit questions beforehand. These are held live on zoom calls so everyone can get to know each other and join in.

Get advice on what you’re planning and ask any questions you need to be able to keep moving forward.

Why I built this:

I started as a studio teacher myself and experienced the same mentoring needs and growth processes that I’m seeing with my members. As I’ve built a global following and business, which now includes a marketplace, I’m excited to see you reach your full potential in your career.

I want to see a path away from life on the financial edge, and living with a stressful studio life with too many lessons to teach, over to achieving those projects you dream about.

The only catch: expect actionable results if you come aboard. This is not a program made for passive learning — our Evolution community is built for making and reaching goals.

Evolution Academy Course Library

Evolution members get access to our exclusive “Next-level” course library, updated and expanded monthly.

Here’s just a sneak peek of some of the resources available today:

music teaching online business courses in TopMusicPro Evolution

Here are some of the other resources already available:

  • Build a Music Academy Course taught by Joyce Ong
  • Secrets to building a bulletproof music teaching business taught by Jonny Wilson
  • 7 Levers of the Music Lesson Business taught by Danny Thompson

We’re also featuring workshops and tutorials on email marketing systems, business planning, hiring teachers and QnAs with expert teachers, with more resources added just for Evolution members each month.

Music Teacher Startup Joins TopMusicPro Evolution

And the library wouldn’t be complete without our flagship entrepreneurial Music Teacher Startup Course and all its bonuses.

music teacher startup course in TopMusicPro Evolution

Ever thought of creating something to sell online?

If you’re like many teachers, you already have some awesome arrangements, compositions, videos and lesson/teaching resources that you use with your students.

What if you could share these with other teachers AND bring in some extra money on the side?

Teachers are uniquely skilled at creating amazing lessons and learning resources, but we’re not very good at marketing!

In Music Teacher Startup, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of designing, building, marketing and launching a great online product or service, whether you already have something to sell or not.

It’s designed for music teachers by a music teacher and I can’t wait to help you get started.

It features ten modules and a whole raft of bonuses and downloads to support your learning. Initially offered for $US799 when first launched, it’s now a core part of your Evolution membership.

The best part is, now that MTS is part of Evolution, we can help you as you progress through the course, helping you stay accountable and keep you directed.

Find out everything you need to know about Music Teacher Startup here.

Expert Teachers

We’re delighted to welcome new experts to help support our Evolution members including Danny Thompson from Music Lesson Business Academy, Dave Simon from Dave Simon’s Music Enterprise, and more.

This is in addition to Nicola Cantan, our esteemed community manager, and myself.

some of our TopMusicPro Evolution experts

But it’s not just about experts — there is so much to learn from other teachers with the same goals and aspirations.

And the best part is that you can connect with them directly in our Evolution forums.

That’s why we created a private space for Evolution members to connect.

Private Group Forum

Evolution members are unique in their goals, so we decided to create a separate place for them to hang out in the forums.

Get answers to your “next-level” business and studio questions and support other teachers with their questions.

Here you can connect with Tim, Nicola and the other expert teachers as well as all our other Evolution members.


TopMusicPro Evolution also offers a marketplace

Premium Marketplace Seller

With the launch of the TopMusicMarketplace in 2020, all Evolution members will enjoy a discounted commission rate if they choose to become a seller on the Marketplace.

This is a saving of $59 per year and allows Evolution members to enjoy a low-rate commission of 22% (normally 40%).

Find out more about becoming a seller by following the links at the bottom of the marketplace pages.

How to Upgrade/Join TopMusicPro Evolution

Current Members

If you’re already a TopMusicPro member, then upgrading is super easy.

Firstly, make sure you’re logged in.

Then to see a comparison of the new tier benefits, click here to compare our plans. You can click “upgrade” or “downgrade” directly on this page to change your plan.

Alternatively, you can head to your account page (top right menu – click your face pic) and select My Account from the drop-down.

Click Subscriptions and Change Plan where you’ll have the option to choose the tier you’d like to change to.

New Members

New members can head to, choose a tier and join. We’ll send a welcome and walk you through your next steps.

For questions about the new tiers, please leave a reply below or contact us

Looking forward to welcoming you to TopMusicPro Evolution membership soon 🙂

Tim Topham

Tim Topham is the founder and director of TopMusic. Tim hosts the popular Integrated Music Teaching Podcast, blogs regularly at and speaks at local and international conferences on topics such as integrated teaching, creativity, business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Tim has been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher Magazine, California Music Teacher and EPTA Piano Professional. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.

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TopMusicPro Evolution Membership
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