Introducing TopMusicCo

Introducing TopMusicCo

Something special is coming to your favourite creative piano teaching site

I’m super excited to announce that you’ll soon see some changes at

A lot has changed since I started blogging in 2010.

What started as a simple blog has now become a company with a team of fourteen people supporting teachers around the world.

  • In 2014, PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano Course launched and provided the spring-board for my future endeavours.
  • Following, we started Tim Topham TV in 2015- the podcast that’s now called the Creative Piano Teaching Podcast. It’s on track to hit 180 episodes this year and has become a cornerstone resource for many teachers.
  • The Inner Circle Community launched in March 2016, where we’re supporting over 1,000 teachers globally to teach more creatively and build stronger studio businesses (and have heaps of fun in the process!)
  • Music Teacher Startup was unveiled in July 2019, supporting music teachers of all instruments to build and grow an online business to promote their in-person studios.

And in January 2020, we’ll be running our first large-scale piano teachers’ conference here in Melbourne: Piano Pivot Live 2020.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, click here for more information!

Join me in Melbourne next year for my first conference!

Future opportunities

One resonating theme over the last nine years is our commitment to improving the future of music education around the world. 

Our devotion has only become more resolute as we’ve grown!

“We believe that learning to play, create and share music has the power to change lives. With the right teaching and happy teachers, more students will have the chance to fall in love with music for the rest of their lives.”

In developing, we perceived a strong need for complementary resources across the music teaching industry. 

Many teachers of other instruments asked: “Where’s our Tim Topham?”

We are keen to continue bringing great people together and curating the best resources, training and deals for music teachers. Together, we can make teaching and running your business smoother and help you save money.

It’s not just about me anymore.

When I started blogging in 2010, it was just me, my ideas and a laptop.

Now, with thousands of followers, plus Inner Circle members, our guest writers and course creators, plus all our webinar and podcast guests, the reach and impact have grown far beyond what I alone could achieve.

And I’ve always been happy about that.

My passion has always been about connecting people to build strong networks and create incredible things together. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to follow my passion in the work I do every day.

So in order to speak to a vision that is greater than just me, we’ll soon be rebranding to

You can think of it as the “Top Music Company”.

Hopefully, you’ll see that a part of me is still in the name, but this will much better reflect all the plans we have moving forward.

Welcome to our new creative piano teaching domain

 The first change you’ll see as part of this process is a domain change (our web address).

 In early November, will update to

 Everything will look and feel the same, and we’ll be continuing to release our regular blogs, podcasts and resources.

After the update, you’ll be redirected to automatically. That said, please update your bookmarks when you can! 

Where is Tim going?

Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere.

I’m more committed to this business than ever before. The rebrand reflects a more expansive mission statement.

I’ll still be overseeing the blog, podcast, membership and all the different assets associated with TopMusicCo, while at the same time working on some new, top-secret projects(!), that I’ll be unveiling to you during 2020.

Expect a broadening of the TopMusic mission, and the continued creation of phenomenal resources, engaging content and teaching resources.

You’ll find everything you love about but more.

 Happy teaching,


Excited to Connect with TopMusicCo in your teaching growth?

Find us online here on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, and make a next-level investment in your growth by joining our Inner Circle.

Tim Topham

Tim Topham is the founder and director of TopMusic. Tim hosts the popular Integrated Music Teaching Podcast, blogs regularly at and speaks at local and international conferences on topics such as integrated teaching, creativity, business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Tim has been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher Magazine, California Music Teacher and EPTA Piano Professional. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.

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  1. I’m so behind the times! Congratulations on Top Music, Tim! I had health issues starting in January, Surgeries in March an April and have ben slowly recuperating since! Doctor finally released me in August under restricted activity. I am now moving more and with concentrated effort better! Now how can I register for The Streaming version of your seminar? It disappeared on Beethoven’s birthday! Perhaps I can start traveling again in 2020 and come to the 2nd annual “Pivot 2021”!

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