TTTV012: Reinventing the Recital with Kristin Yost

reinventing recital kristin yost

Do you want to make your recitals more exciting? Do you wish that your piano parents looked forward to your recitals? Do you want your students to feel as confident and comfortable on stage as they do in the practice room?

Well then today’s podcast episode is for you!

We all want our students to become well-rounded musicians. So why only organise traditional classical recitals once a year? Kristin Yost has some amazing, inspirational piano events in her studio; and I’m so excited she’s taken the time to share some of her ideas with you. From pop piano showcases, to collaborative events with other art forms, to student only performance opportunities…the list goes on! Take a listen to today’s episode and start planning some amazing concerts in your studio this year!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should be rethinking how you organise recitals
  • What “arts fusion” is, and how you could integrate the other arts in your concerts
  • How you can get even your absolute beginners involved in a pop showcase
  • Some great ideas for themed recitals
  • How to fund your student recitals
  • Where to look for great venues
  • How to make recitals more relaxed and fun for your students

Items mentioned in this podcast:

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What have you done to spice up your recitals?

Do you organise themed student concerts? Have you ever done a collaborative recital? I’d love to hear about it below!

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