TTTV006: Online studio promotion and advertising with Martyn Croston

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In this episode Martyn Croston gives practical advice to get your teaching business found online. This is essential listening, whether you’re just starting out, trying to expand your studio, or just making sure your waiting list stays topped up!

Marketing is often the area of the business that teachers least enjoy (aside from doing taxes!), but it’s essential in a competitive market.

It doesn’t matter how great a teacher you are, if students can’t find you, you won’t get to teach them! More and more potential piano parents are turning to the internet to look for a piano teacher, so you need to make sure you’re front and centre in the online world.

Martyn Croston is a piano teacher and performer in London, who takes a keen interest in all things marketing. Martyn’s ebook ‘How to Find Music Students and Promote your Teaching Business‘ (which I reviewed previously here) is a fantastic how-to guide for any piano teacher looking to grow their student base.

I’m delighted that Martyn was able to take the time to give us some pointers on getting started in the online marketing world, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of today’s podcast!

***Update 9/9/2015: Martyn has now built a whole marketing course for piano teachers around his seminal eBook called the Music Teacher Marketing Course. This combines all of his writing and a whole lot of bonus material on this topic into one great course with five modules. Check it out today: Music Teacher Marketing Course.

[Note: You can also watch the video below]

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why an online presence is so important
  • How to get your website to show up in google searches
  • Why social media is vital for piano teachers, and how you should be using it
  • How to use Facebook advertising
  • The top social media sites for music teachers
  • How teachers can use YouTube to promote their studio

Items mentioned in this podcast:

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Music Teacher’s Helper is online scheduling and billing software which you can access from any computer, phone or tablet, and that will literally save you hours every month in studio admin.

One of the coolest things about it is that you can automatically email lesson reminders to students or parents to reduce the chance of missed lessons, particularly if you work on a rotating timetable. You can even build a studio website for free right in the program and it comes with a companion practice app for students so you can see exactly how much they’ve practiced.

Of course there are heaps more features, but the best thing to do is head to, register for a risk-free 30 day trial and if you choose to continue your access, you’ll get 20% off your first month.

What do you think?

As Martyn said at the end of the episode, take one idea and try it out today! Which idea are you going to take action on straight away?

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