TC299: Ever Thought of Selling Your Studio? A Chat with Jeff Homer from Ensemble Music Schools

Have you ever thought of selling your studio in the future? In today’s episode, we’re having a chat with Jeff Homer, the founder of Ensemble Music Schools. Jeff shares with us what Ensemble Music Schools is all about, his background and how he got into this type of niche. He also shares his thoughts on how school owners market their studios. Listen as he gives us some great tips and advice for studio owners who are thinking about selling their studio in the future.

  • Jeff tells us about Ensemble Music Schools and what it’s all about.
  • Jeff shares his background and how he got into this type of niche.
  • What are the things that music and school owners lack?
  • Customer acquisition costs lifetime value.
  • Jeff tells us how they put a value on the schools that they assess.
  • Tips and some common mistakes of school owners when selling your studio.
  • The importance of having bookkeepers for your school.
  • The line between making schools more profitable without compromising musical integrity.
  • The Google big three.
  • The process of hiring and retaining school teachers in Ensemble Music Schools.
  • Advice to studio owners who want to sell their studios in the future.

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Today’s Guest

Jeff founded Ensemble Music Schools in 2019 as a passion project that promised to combine his hobby as an amateur musician with his professional background in investing. Starting with just one school in Louisville, CO, Jeff’s vision was to build a best-in-class administrative platform that would equip local community music schools to thrive in the digital age and better serve their students and teaching faculty. Motivated by some early successes and the blessing of “doing what you love,” Jeff left his day job to focus full-time on Ensemble in early 2020 and hasn’t looked back! Jeff’s prior employers include institutional investment firms Bain Capital, Reservoir Capital, and Independence Capital Asset Partners. Jeff graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Economics.

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