TC272: Online Music Education Trends with Owen Grover of TrueFire Studios

TopCast 272 - Online Music Education Trends with Owen Grover of TrueFire Studios

Do you use online platforms in your music studio? In this episode, I’ve invited Owen Grover, CEO of TrueFire Studios, to talk about trends in online music education. Education technology is going to stay and will also evolve in so many ways. Given that, we should now think of how we, as music educators, use this as a complement to our studio offerings.

  • [05:15] Owen tells about his musical background.
  • [07:36] The story behind TrueFire Studios and how the company merger made sense in the industry.
  • [10:48] What TrueFire Studios and their brands are all about.
  • [18:06] The story behind why TrueFire Studios was named as one of the most interesting disruptors in the industry. 
  • [21:30] Why teachers shouldn’t feel threatened about e-learning apps.
  • [27:02] Tips on how teachers can bring the convenience of apps and tech into their studios.
  • [30:20] The effect of short attention spans in what TrueFire is doing.
  • [33:17] Is content still king? 
  • [35:46] Owen tells us more about I Heart Radio and PocketCast.
  • [41:05] Tips for teachers to grow in this content rich high-tech world
  • [44:04] Predictions in the next 5-10 years on e-learning and AI.
  • [47:57] A peek into the future plans of TrueFire Studios.

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Today’s Guest

Owen Grover is the CEO of TrueFire Studios, the world’s leading online music education platform. Owen has spent the last 25 years at the intersection of music and technology. Previously, he served as CEO of Pocket Casts, an acclaimed global podcasting platform. He was also a founding member of the iHeartRadio team, and he helped establish iHeart’s entertainment division. A passionate music fan, Owen lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

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