TC264: When Your Role as a Teacher is Threatened

Episode 246 - When your role as a teacher is threatened

As a teacher, it is so inevitable to get that one student who makes you rethink your role as a teacher – students who like teaching themselves on YouTube, doing rote learning, and who are just really out of the box. I’ve had that experience. And I know many teachers see this in their studios as well.

So what do we do when our roles as teachers are threatened? In this episode, Tim gives us explanations ad examples of what we can do and why we should do it.

  • [01:34] Knowing your role as a teacher when you have a student who wants to learn independently through YouTube or rote learning.
  • [03:16] Changing your mindset and approach to guide your students better in what they’re doing.
  • [04:39] Examples of what you can do with students to guide and support them in their learning.
  • [06:05] Why autonomy is so important for a student’s success.
  • [07:57] Teaching teens and adult students based on their goals in learning.
  • [08:43] Tim shares Forrest Kinney’s experience on teaching a student who wanted to learn only the Beatles.
  • [10:22] Ti’m’s experience on teaching a student who was ready to quit learning piano.
  • [11:41] How to put autonomy within the bounds of your teaching approach. 
  • [12:12] What to do with a student who’s fixated on one thing.
  • [14:43] Should students be taught how to read right away?
  • [16:45] Tips on guiding and inspiring students to learn how to read.
  • [19:23] Ideas on handling students.

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