TC262: TopMusicGuitar Unearthed with Tim and Michael

TopMusic Guitar

We are so excited to share the latest and biggest update at for 2021 – the launch of TopMusicGuitar.

In this episode, Michael Gumley, Head of TopMusicGuitar, and I will be talking about how the membership and program can help teachers of all ages and stages become better at managing their teaching and business. We chat about the available resources and courses you can take advantage of; building relationships and having a community you can connect with and learn from; teaching strategies that can help your students understand concepts easier and better; and so much and more.

If you’re ready to take your guitar teaching to the next level, this episode is for YOU.

  • [03:33] Details about what we’re going to talk about in this episode – the TopMusicGuitar launch!
  • [04:40] Michael shares how TopMusicGuitar can help guitar teachers in their teaching and business.
  • [06:10] The power of community in bringing in amazing teachers together to inspire and learn from each other.
  • [09:20] Things that excite Michael about launching TopMusicGuitar.
  • [11:00] Resources members can take advantage of at TopMusicGuitar no matter where they are in their teaching journey.
  • [13:09] Tips on dynamic teaching strategies to help students reach their goals and the impact of using analogies to assist them in understanding concepts better.
  • [19:20] A sneak peek on the core courses under TopMusicGuitar.
  • [26:06] Future TopMusic courses on helping your teaching business grow.
  • [31:38] How the membership can help you become a better guitar teacher, have satisfied & happy students, and grow your business.
  • [34:28] Learn more about what’s in store for you if you become part of our launch crew at the TopMusicGuitar program.
  • [39:41] Details about the upcoming webinar to launch TopMusicGuitar.

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Today’s Guest


Michael is a guitar teacher and music educator from Melbourne, Australia. He’s the owner and head teacher at  Melbourne Guitar Academy. Michael brings his passion for and love of all things guitar to each and every lesson and seeks to capture the same excitement and wonder that captivated him during his guitar journey with all of his students.


Thank you for tuning in!

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