TC260: How to Make Exams a Positive Experience with the Music Teacher’s Board

We all know the dread that can come with exams. Today, guests Mark and Nav from Music Teachers Board in the UK explain a potential way to make exams positive and a more pleasant experience for students.

Mark and Nav break down the options that come with exams through MTB using technology, examiner training, and consistency throughout the process.

This episode may just challenge you to change up how your students do exams in your studio.

  • [03:59] Mark tells us what the Music Teachers Board is.
  • [04:40] Learning about Mark’s journey doing traditional exams.
  • [08:50] How the live experience differs from MTB.
  • [11:05] Nav explains a safe performance environment between student and teacher.
  • [13:28] The shock of an online exam at first.
  • [15:45] Mark explains the two types of exams.
  • [32:34] How the exams are graded.
  • [32:34] Explanation of consistency across all MTB exams
  • [34:08] Examiner training and location
  • [35:34] Collaboration with Tomplay
  • [38:38] Nav explains how a teacher would transition to MTB online exams.
  • [52:41] The option of two pregrades

Transcript of the show

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Today’s Guest

make exams positive

Mark Kesel is the founder, chief examiner, and head of trumpet and cornet at the Music Teachers Board. With over 40 years’ experience as a classical performer, arranger, composer and instrumental teacher of students of all ages and experience from beginner to university, Mark Kesel has been Chief Examiner for MTB Exams throughout the development of the Board, overseeing its gaining recognition from Ofqual and UCAS as well as the development and launch of MTB’s Pre-Grades and Grade 1-8 qualifications.

Naveen Arles is the community and development manager for the Music Teachers Board. Nav has established himself as an energetic, inspirational vocal leader and animateur.  Founder of MDBrunch, his 36 years in music incorporates 26 years of creating singing groups of all ages and skills.

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