TC258: Composer Spotlight with Kevin Olson

TopCast 258: Composer Spotlight with Kevin Olson

We’re joined this week by none other than one of the best-loved jazz educational composers today, Kevin Olson. Kevin brings a fresh perspective about composing the styles and sounds that inspire our students. He draws inspiration from Schumann to Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock in his compositions, which are frequently top choices for students since they’re so enjoyable to play.

Our conversation covers chats about creativity, composition, his work at Utah State University, and a look at his latest music featured in TopMusicSheets this month.

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  • Do we still have a crisis in creativity?
  • His experience with publishing with companies and self-publishing his work.
  • Kevin tells us about the music in his TopMusicSheets collection in TopMusicPro.
  • His process of recreating and writing pieces.
  • Sharing the audio and the story behind the Rockasaurus Rex piece.
  • Things that composers consider when composing pieces.
  • Kevin’s favourite piece in his TopMusicSheets collection.
  • Learning more about his role as professor at Utah State University.
  • The effect of the pandemic on his students.
  • Common concerns pedagogy students on moving to a teaching career.
  • Kevin’s advice for young teachers.

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Today’s Guest

TopCast 258: Composer Spotlight with Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson is an active pianist, composer, and member of the faculty at Utah State University where he has taught courses in piano literature, pedagogy, accompanying, music theory, commercial composition, rock and roll history, among many others. In addition to his collegiate teaching responsibilities, Kevin coordinates the piano program at Utah State University and oversees the Utah State University Youth Conservatory, which provides weekly group and private piano instruction to over a hundred and fifty pre-college community students.      

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