TC252: Saving Hours of Your Time Through Newzik with Paul Leverger

Do you use your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to access your sheet music for practice, performance or teaching? If you do or are considering doing so, this episode is definitely for you. 

Paul Leverger of Newzik will give us an in-depth overview of the app they’ve created and how it can help you as a teacher, composer, performer, and musician. The features of the app will blow your mind, particularly the new Maestria program that uses artificial intelligence to do awesome things to your music sheets.

Join us in this conversation to know more about how it may be helpful for you  as a teacher or performer and how you can access your free one month Newzik app trial!

  • [03:30] Learn about the Newzik app and what it does.
  • [05:23] The collaboration and cloud-based connectivity on the Newzik app.
  • [06:31] The difference between a digital score and just a pdf score.
  • [08:35] How Maestria can help you listen to your sheet music and take it to the next level.
  • [13:22] Using the app to practice and collaborate with others when you’re unable to do so face-to-face. 
  • [15:36] How Newzik is different from forScore
  • [19:24] Getting music sheet pdfs into the Newzik.
  • [24:31] Newzik subscription prices and free forever version.
  • [28:18] Extended free trial for podcast listeners.

Transcript of the show on Newzik app

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Today’s Guest

TopCast 252 - Saving Hours of Your Time Through Newzik with Paul Leverger

Paul Leverger is a trained drama and electronic musician who is passionate about music technology. Before taking over as chief marketing officer of Newzik, he spent three years travelling the world to train people to use their software with digital scores. 

A true music expert, he now dedicates his time to help music teachers innovate in their teaching and save time by using digital score technology.

Thank you for tuning in!

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