TC241: YouTube Masterclass with Carlos Pacheco

TopCast 241 - YouTube Masterclass with Carlos Pacheco

TopCast 241 - YouTube Masterclass with Carlos Pacheco

Have you ever wondered whether YouTube could be a powerful marketing channel for your studio or business? If you are an aspiring content creator or are already creating videos for YouTube, you should definitely tune in to this YouTube masterclass episode.

Carlos Pacheco, our YouTube channel manager, joins me to tackle the questions you have about using YouTube to market your business.

He answers the common questions aspiring content creators have such as how often you need to post, what you can do, what you can’t do, what YouTube likes, what it doesn’t like, what if you get a copyright strike; all those kinds of questions. 

  • [02:29] Carlos gives us a short intro about himself.
  • [05:10] How Carlos has helped us grow our YouTube channel since 2018.
  • [07:14] Making money through our AdSense revenue.
  • [09:29] Tips for teachers who want to use YouTube as a part of their marketing strategy.
  • [15:43] Can going viral help with your channel?
  • [17:22] How the YouTube algorithm works and how it worked for one of my videos.
  • [20:58] The sweet spot for YouTube to like your channel more.
  • [23:21] What you need to do to become successful on YouTube.
  • [26:07] Carlos’ thoughts about sending people off YouTube to get their emails, buy products, etc.
  • [30:05] Using YouTube as an educational platform.
  • [32:50] Mistakes people make when starting a channel.
  • [34:31] Directing people to your website from YouTube.
  • [36:46] The process of monetising your videos.
  • [38:31] Advice for uploading back-up videos on your channel.
  • [39:46] Handling copyright disputes and claims.
  • [42:56] Top metrics to watch out for on YouTube.
  • [45:27] Posting videos about products you sell.
  • [47:01] The most important thing to remember in posting YouTube videos.
  • [49:37] Building tags for your videos.
  • [51:49] Why you need to put a call-to-action on your videos.
  • [53:29] 5 top tips for content creators.
  • [57:53] The importance of using creative thumbnails.

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About our Guest

TopCast 241 - YouTube Masterclass with Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco is a consultant and a YouTube audience strategist who’s been working and advising creators, producers, content owners, and distributors all about channel growth, content optimization, piracy protection, and monetization strategies since 2012.

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