TC237: Solving Makeup Lessons Once and for All with Laura and Dave from LessonMate

Have you ever been frustrated about makeup lessons? There are a variety of ways teachers handle makeup lessons from not offering them at all to having to take extra hours planning them. Laura and Dave have solved make-up lessons once and for all! 

Today, my guests Dave and Laura of LessonMate will give you strategies around another option where you can offer unlimited makeup lessons. Yes, unlimited makeup lessons through video. 

We’re going to learn how the software works, its advantages, and how it can help you offer unlimited makeup lessons to your students. 

  • [03:18] A quick overview of their studio and teaching history.
  • [08:40] Defining makeup lessons.
  • [09:50] Current best and worst options for makeup lessons.
  • [12:47] The catalyst behind starting LessonMate
  • [14:44] How LessonMate works.
  • [21:00] Advantages of LessonMate versus zoom.
  • [24:52] Policies for missed lessons.
  • [31:37] An example of a win from using LesssonMate.
  • [32:56] Advice on changing policies
  • [36:28] Special discount for TopMusicPro members.

Transcript of the show

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About our Guest

Dave Hemann and Laura Porter have been private music teachers and freelance musicians for over 30 years. Dave graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Laura received her Master of Music from the Eastman School of Music in Saxophone Performance and Literature and has also completed the Orff Schulwerk Levels 1 to 3. They’ve taught music in every imaginable situation and venue from universities to neighborhood schools and homes. In 2008, Laura and Dave opened the Bloom School of Music and Dance, which now serves over 800 students a week.

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