TC233: How TopMusicPro Transformed My Online Piano Lessons with Kara Hess

You can transform into the piano teacher you’ve always wanted to be with full of confidence and armed with knowledge from experts in the field just like what Kara Hess, one of our TopMusic Pro members, did. In this episode, I’ve invited Kara who wrote a beautiful email to us about the transitions and positive changes she has gone through since joining TopMusicPro membership. I wanted to bring her on today to share her experience with you on how she transformed her online piano lessons. You’ll be absolutely blown away with the transformation that she’s had in her own mind and mindset since becoming a member. It really is quite revolutionary. I can’t wait to share this with you.

  • [03:27] A short introduction on Kara’s teaching background and studio.
  • [04:35] Transitioning from a hobby to a professional teacher.
  • [05:18] Things that changed for her when she shifted her mindset to being a professional teacher.
  • [06:36] Her plans for growing her studio.
  • [08:05] Her biggest worries before she joined TopMusicPro in November 2020.
  • [13:50] How she found out about the TopMusicPro.
  • [14:35] First experiences inside the membership.
  • [17:35] The transformation Kara has enjoyed after joining the membership including online piano lessons.
  • [23:03] Features inside TMP that stood out and became influential in her transformation.
  • [26:15] Looking at the benefits of the membership and its cost.
  • [33:24] The confidence she has gained since joining the membership.
  • [34:00] Future plans for her studio.
  • [36:24] Benefits of being a TopMusicPro member.

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About our Guest

TC233: How TopMusicPro Transformed My Online Piano Lessons with Kara Hess

Kara began teaching in 2006 to just a few friends. In 2014, she decided to start building what has since become a professional and successful studio. She teaches piano because she loves music and wants to share that with others. Her biggest hope as a teacher is to create a place for her students to have fun and learn how to make music an extension of themselves.

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