TC224: Helping Students Cope with Performance Anxiety with Noa Kageyama (archives)

TopCast 224 - Noa Kageyama Bulletproof Musician on Performance Anxiety

TopCast 224 - Noa Kageyama Bulletproof Musician on Performance Anxiety

Today, we’re taking an investigative look at the psychology behind performance anxiety, what creates it, and the things you can do leading up to a performance in order to perform more freely.

Dr Noa Kageyama, a leading performance psychologist and faculty member at The Juilliard School, joins us to talk about the factors that create performance stress and how to overcome it.

This archive show originally aired in 2015.

Transcript of the show about performance anxiety

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In this episode, you’ll learn tips on helping students improve performing results & reduce anxiety:

  • Why teaching performing skills should be a part of your piano teaching
  • Visualisation exercises you can do even with your youngest students
  • How to turn off self-criticism when performing
  • How you can help your students to focus during their performance
  • What diaphragmatic breathing is and why you should be teaching it
  • How to practice the lead up to a performance

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About our Guest

Photo Credits for Noa Kageyama: Rosalie O’Connor Photography Instagram | Facebook

Dr Noa Kageyama is a performance psychologist and a part of the faculty of The Juilliard School.

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