TC221: Best of Nick Ambrosino (from archives)

Topcast 221 guest Nick Ambrosino

In this favourite episode from our archives, author Nick Ambrosino joins us to talk about how to reframe your teaching viewpoint to experience more joy and less burnout.

As teachers, we want to see motivated students pursuing their goals with an ownership attitude — but how do you make the switch? Listen to Nick’s powerful thoughts as he explains the reason he wrote two best-selling story-based books with life-changing advice for teachers.

Transcript of the show with Nick Ambrosino

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In this episode, you’ll learn about Nick’s perspective for revitalizing  your teaching:

  • Why you should start thinking of yourself as a facilitator, not a teacher
  • Using compliments wisely
  • How to start each lesson right
  • Why you should exchange buts for ands in your comments after a student’s performances
  • How Nick applies “Goldilocks” to piano practice
  • Why you should think about getting your students to write their own assignment notes
  • How teaching piano is similar to sanding wood

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About our Guest

podcast 221 speaker Nick Ambrosino

Teachers turn to Nick Ambrosino to learn how to become master motivators who nurture their students to exceptional levels of achievement and accountability while reigniting their own passions as professional educators and gaining a sense of fulfillment.

As a learning specialist, coach, and speaker, Nick is renowned for his work on creating growth in accountability, self-motivation, and self-esteem.

Nick is currently working on a screen play and a book on relationships.

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