TC220: Jazz Perspectives with Composer Kerin Bailey

Episode 220 Jazz Perspectives with Kerin Bailey

Episode 220 Jazz Perspectives with Kerin Bailey

In today’s episode, we’re speaking with one of Australia’s most-loved composers, Kerin Bailey.

Kerin shares his musical background, influence of jazz music, and thoughts about effective ways to teach jazz skills and chord progressions to students.

We’ll also hear Kerin demonstrate on the piano from his improv system for teaching, and give you some takeaways for your own students.

Transcript of the show about composer Kerin Bailey

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In this episode, you’ll learn about Kerin’s compositional works and improv system:

  • [03:27] Kerin Bailey performance
  • [05:20] Jazzin’ Around, his most well-known piano series and his compositions for other instruments
  • [07:00] The instrument he most enjoys composing for
  • [08:15] Exploring orchestral writing
  • [09:08] Kerin’s musical background and multi-instrument studies
  • [10:34] Learning how to read lead sheets
  • [13:24] Emergence as a composer
  • [16:20] More on educational influences
  • [20:48] Focus on jazz composition
  • [24:17] Self-publishing  
  • [26:16] Other music for piano that he has published
  • [27:52] His most recent composition, Drowsy Bees and Butterflies
  • [30:26] Learn tips from Kerin’s improv system

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About our Guest

Episode 220 Jazz Perspectives with Kerin Bailey

Kerin Bailey is one of Australia’s best-loved composers. He commenced piano lessons at age 7 and his interest in jazz dates from that time. He began playing for local dances and concerts at 11; a key element in developing his improvisational skills.

In 1978, he graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Honours Degree in Music majoring in Classical Piano Performance. Trumpet was his study as a second instrument and later, flute and violin. 

Since then, he has enjoyed a varied career in music including eight years as a music lecturer with TAFE, contracts with the University of South Australia and continues to be in-demand as a professional musician, composer, speaker and teacher.

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