TC219: Pro Piano Skills for Teen Students with Carol Matz

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Carol Matz joins us on the show today to talk about Pro Piano skills and specifically why older and teen students need and want them.

Her Interactive Piano method helps your students learn how to “strum” chords, play along with lead sheets, and develop real-world musicianship skills like composing or improvising.

If you’re looking to make music study more relevant, more social, and more “sticky” for the often-busy older students, try the top 5 tips about teaching these Pro piano skills from books 3 and 4 of her method series.

Transcript of the show

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to teach pro piano skills

  • [03:37] Where Pro Piano Skills fit into Carol’s incredible books and method.
  • [05:07] Using books 3 & 4 of the Interactive Piano method for older or teen students 
  • [06:13]  Skills Carol has highlighted in the book
  • [13:59] Helping non-traditional music learners excel and find success
  • [15:40] A peek into the 1 activity each for the 5 steps of Pro Piano Skills
  • [32:04] Improv vs. composing
  • [35:55] The book sequencing and how you can best use it
  • [41:44] Using Pro Piano Skills with online lessons

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About our Guest

Episode 219 -Pro Piano Skills guest Carol Matz

Carol Matz has composed, authored and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. She’s an experienced piano teacher and has presented numerous piano teaching workshops throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia. She is very well known for her Famous & Fun Series.

Carol studied composition, arranging and orchestration at the University of Miami and has written for a variety of ensembles including orchestra, jazz big band, brass quintet and string quartet. Her work includes studio arrangements for a number of artists in the Miami area recording studios and of course, her own incredible Interactive Piano Method.

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